Question about friends and family upgrade option

  • If I add this does the app have a users/profile function like Netflix so each of us can have our own queue and viewing history?

  • I do not believe so. All it does is allow you to login into the same account/que multiple times. I do know HIDIVE service has something like what you describe, now.

    Whether this will be a future feature or not, IDK...

  • @rebelx19 No, adding the Friends & Family Add-On now only increases the number of devices that can stream videos at the same time. If you choose to invite people to share your account, you'd also be sharing your Queue and your watch history. There are no individual profiles.

    However, this add-on will eventually add the ability to share your subscription with someone on a Free account. We will announce when this functionality is available, so please keep an eye on our blog or on the forum.

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