Some thoughts on Kaspersky.

  • Seems like the company is currently under a tremendous amount of fire and i’m not sure if at all justified. As far as i know, Kaspersky is a solid program probably even stronger than my beloved Norton (hates to admit that)

    I find it highly suspicious that, after all this time, now they are zeroing in on Kaspersky? I call garbage on that. Guarantee you if the mainstream media was not so preoccupied with, “Russia this..” and “Russia that..” This would have never been a focal point. Perhaps Malwarebytes’ should be removed off of everyone’s computers being that they emanate from Estonia which has had Russian influence? Just how far will this inquisition go?

    Just my opinion, but, perhaps overall, this is an effort to undermine a very successful businessman, Eugene Kaspersky, who against all odds has worked extremely hard to build up his company amidst the not necessarily entrepreneur-friendly Russian economic landscape.

    All things considered, this is highly disconcerting, and, even though i’m an advocate for Norton, i’m tempted to install Kaspersky when i get situated in my new pc just to thumb my nose in the face of the establishment.

    Please see the following:

    I’ll apologize in advance for the language in the first link, but, felt that it was a good piece to explain what is really at hand here.


  • Or just use MSFT's free anti-virus. None of the PCs in my household (more importantly, mine) hasn't had viruses. Anti-viruses are super invasive and practically behave like viruses.

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