Nobunagun (spoilers)

  • I know I'm a little late to the party but I just binged this show over the weekend and thought I'd make a discussion thread. However I don't believe it's a very popular show so not sure how much of a discussion will be had.

    Basically I was expecting zero from this show going in and was so shocked by how much I enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong it's no masterpiece infact I'd give the story a 7/10. But for me the selling point is in the MC Sio who in my opinion is up there with misaka mikoto as far as female leads go. Basically she has two personalities the teenage military otaku girl and the crazy nobunaga with an insatiable blood lust. I got a chill down my spine everytime she broke out that crazy smile. Also I love how she had impeccable battle instincts and better strategies then everyone else. It's so nice when the male lead doesn't always have to save the day.

    But I don't know why she had to be surrounded by so many other just meh characters. Specifically Jack and Asao who I mention since they both seem to be the most significant people in her life. I felt however both relationships were very forced. Asao they had like one conversations and they were best friends...and I felt the Jack relationship came out of left field. They showed she had a crush on him for a while but there was no relationship growth I seen.

    In conclusion Sio is amazing, the story is kinda generic but with some nice action, and relationship growth was horrendous. Overall I'd give the show a 8/10. Share your opinion! Or don't...

    Edit: Oh I forgot to mention the pervy old guy in the wheelchair and the butler they were great.

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