tsubasa stream

  • I would like to stream tsubasa seasons 1 and 2 but there not available on stream just the ovas are

  • Funimation does not have streaming rights to Tsubasa TV.

    That's the way it's been for years.

  • they should try ad get the rights

  • If I remember right, they used to have them. Then the license expired.

  • I just noticed this myself. Rightstuff is running a decent sale and you can get the SAVE DVDs for about $18 each. I'm afraid this will probably be the only legal way to watch them in North America. I started watching the show myself when Verizon FioS was carrying the Funimation channel, then right in the middle of the series, Verizon dropped the channel.

    As for trying to get the Streaming rights, I am sure they don't think it is worth the money on a show that is so old.

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