I'm starting to dislike Spaeman Hardy because he is the Thread locker.

  • At this point, i'm starting to dislike Spaceman Hardy, because he the locker of threads. He locks more topics that any other moderator or administratior, and has locked so many of my threads, which makes me upset. I hate being silenced. he locks threads everyday, at least 1 thread a day.

    He has unlimited power in locking threads, and lock whatever thread he feels like locking, and there are no rules that places limitations on administrators and moderators locking threads.

    My complaints seem to get my threads locked instead of correcting any problems.

  • @Spaceshotx7 He does it cause you keep asking the same questions over and over again...He even showed the last post you made with the same question just worded different.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Spaceshotx7 Just like the earlier topic that I locked, you already posted a topic exactly like this one some time ago: https://www.funimation.com/forum/topic/13433/spaceman-hardy-is-starting-to-annoy-me?page=1

    Notice I'm not doing this to be mean to you or to silence you. I'm doing this simply because despite repeat warnings, you continue to break the forum rules by repeating the same questions again and again. The forum admins have already talked to you about this at length, and at this point you are choosing to deliberately disobey them. This is starting to become a serious issue, and rest assured I'm going to have a talk to the other mods and admins about this.

    Also, I know you don't particularly care for me, and that's fine. But deliberately calling out another user like this, whether they be moderator, admin, or regular forum user, goes against the forum rules. And while I hold no ill will towards you, it is my job to uphold the rules. So rest assured that this is nothing personal.

    Just like the earlier thread, this one will also be locked. If any of the other admins such as @JayHairston or @sophie would like to comment or re-open it, then that's fine.

  • @Spaceshotx7

    @SpacemanHardy is correct and is not abusing his locking privilege.

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