I got a One Piece Q..

  • I bought all the collection DVDs (1-8) of One Piece and now Im on ep 205, and now Im here on FUNi trying to catch up with Toonami. Anyways my Q is (with out telling me who it is) will they ever tell me who Usopp saw fixing the Merry that night in Skypia? Ugh.. That old mechanic guy was gonna tell Usopp who he thought it was but he got taken away by the Marines before he could say! I dont wanna know who it was if they do end up saying, I just wanna know will Usopp ever fined out.

  • Yes, you find out who Usopp saw fixing the Merry in Skypia was. Someone will fill in the info. You got a fair bit to go to get to that part. You learn abit I think at one point again, but learn more at the next point.

  • Oh Cool.. now Im excited to see who it is. :3

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