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  • Known Issues

    โš ๏ธ Assessing issue
    ๐Ÿšฉ Open Issue
    ๐Ÿ Issue fixed and ready for deploy
    โŒIssue cannot be fixed
    โœ”๏ธ Fixed Issue

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    Video Player

    1. The video player UI stays does not disappear when the player is full screened.
      a. Status: ๐Ÿšฉ Reported
      b. This issue only affects Windows 10 touch devices, so far. I was not able to reproduce on a non-touch Windows 10 PC.
      c. Ref: 10504

  • Feature List & Updates

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    Minimum Requirements

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  • Tips & Troubleshooting

    Video Player

    1. Unable to play a video at all. Player is stuck on the thumbnail/background image.
      a. This occurs when communication between the video player and Google ad services is being blocked.
      b. To resolve, please disable any ad blocking extensions, plugins, or software. If you block via your hosts file, please remove the below domain (Thanks! @anime_noob) :

      b. In Firefox v53.0.3 64-bit, click on the shield symbol in the address bar and select "Disable protection for this site". You can then turn on "Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows" and "Always apply Do Not Track" in the options. (Thanks! @icepick314)

    1. Video playback is automatically paused in Safari.
      a. Starting with Safari 11.0, video playback with sound is automatically paused by default. To have videos on always start playing by default:
      1. Go to a video player page, like:
      2. Right click on the address bar.
      3. Choose "Web Settings"
      4. Set "Auto-Play" to "Allow All Auto-Play"

  • hi again, it's 2 days in a row after 10:30pm I couldn't access Funimation I prefer to use the app Funimation video player on Wincrap 10 instead of using web, I only use it telling me check my connection, lol funny ...connection yeah right ...I wouldn't able to write this issue :(

  • Hey, I have issue number one, can't get Funimation to work on any of my multiple internet browsers or computers. I've done what you've suggested in this thread. I don't have any anti virus running and I've added Funimation as an exception all the places I know I can do that. Please help me, I want to purchase subscription, but will refrain until its usable on my PC. I will add, it works on my phone and PS4, so its not my internet.

  • @dark_smurf The "connection" error isn't always your connection. Sometimes, it's just that you can't connect to us because there is something happening on our end, which is what was happening Sunday night.

    This issue was resolved early this morning.

    @BlazeFrost Could you please post a screenshot of the issue?

  • @Sophie

    0_1508231455675_Screenshot (12).png

    And then it just wont play. Issue persists on both Desktop and laptop on home and public wifi. I was using it a few days ago. Nothing major changed on both computers.

  • @BlazeFrost Thank you for posting the screenshot. It definitely looks like the issue described. Unfortunately, we don't have an exhaustive list of troubleshooting suggestions for this issue quite yet, so I really appreciate your patience and help in this matter to see what we can do to get things to work.

    Instead of adding Funimation as an exception, could you try disabling those programs or add-ons entirely? It might be something else that is being blocked. Perhaps something changed about those programs or Windows 10 in an automatic update?

    If possible, could you also list the programs or settings where you have added Funimation as an exception and what you did to add it as an exception?

    I would have also suggested checking to see if anything is blocked at the router level, but you mentioned that you had tested on both your home and on public WiFi.

    Since you've tested on a desktop and on a laptop, do those computers have similar setups? Could you try disabling things on just one device to see if that helps?

    As soon as you can get the player to work, you can start adding back things that had been enabled before to see where it breaks.

    @ArtistTimLong I have moved your posts and my reply to a new thread, so that we can keep this thread to just being about video issues:

    Let's try to work through each of the issues there.

  • Iโ€™m getting a little tired of the Playback controls getting in my way. Is there any progress? Or is it unfixable?

  • @Mrluis613 Are you on a Windows 10 touch device? I have no additional information on the status of the fix, but it is in the list to be fixed.

  • Hello, having issues with seeing the Episode list in the video player. here is what it looks like, not sure if it was moved but I sure as hell cannot find it.

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