Noble’s vids being de-monetized? s:-/

  • I’ll follow Noble from time to time and recently noticed this:

    Apparently, Noble’s become too offensive? There are plenty of controversial YT personalities who i don’t necessarily see encountering the same flack…

    Can’t help but think that this is a direct result of Google’s acquisition of the platform.

    Sooo many issues with the YT platform and yet, they’ll single out Noble. Way to go!

    Remember this?

    0_1507627984678_Thumbs up smiley.JPG

    In my view, Noble is popular enough, he doesn’t have to let YouTube constrain him. I would venture to say, that he could launch his own paid subscription service and people would sign up in a heartbeat. What’s one more? In addition to FUN, i have both CR and Anime Network on Demand through FiOS. What i think would be deliciously interesting is if FUNimation could somehow feature Noble in a weekly or bi-weekly series alongside Justin and Lauren - - how awesome would that be? Perhaps there could be a live feed from where he presents his shows already. (Kool-Aid Man voice) Oh, Yeah!

    Overall, thanks Noble for all your quality content, and, don’t let this current situation get you down.


  • I don't know who Noble is but that monetization problem seems to only grow bigger these days, I see people complaining about it all the time in videos. I'm not sure how it will turn out though, if content creators will just migrate on other platforms or start harassing us even more with their sponsors and Patreon accounts...

  • I don't know this "Noble" person, but I do know YouTube. I can say for certain that this isn't just targeting him. Right now, YT's monetization ecosystem is controlled by an A.I that's way too puritan. It auto flags content that:

    1. Deems uses "bad" language (Note: This doesn't just mean swearing.
    2. Shows violent/sexual media (included, but not limited to fictional violence material)
    3. Talks about or/and shows controversial, or even humanitarian issues.
    4. And I'm sure much more.

    Their does seem to be one area which still seems un-effected, traditional media. You look at the traditional media channels, who also have a YouTube channel, and you'll notice they're completely unaffected. Their are theories going about online on why this could be, but two of the biggest thus far is:

    1. They're not using AdSense (Alphabets, and thus YouTube's ad-supplier).
    2. They're using AdSense, but they've negotiated separate rules for themselves where they're not kept under check by the A.I.

    To help combat the issue, YouTubers are calling the "Adpocolypse", they've going towards other sources of income, one of the popular ones right now are Patrion. YouTube is noticing this and are making moves to block links leading outside YouTube and thus attempting to stop people from getting external sources of income.

    I could go on why this is happening, and the MANY excuses YouTube is giving for the reasons for doing this, some warrented, some not-so. What you, and I'm sure plenty of YouTubers should realize is that YouTube is an Alphabet/Google platform, something they can do with how they see fit. It's sad, but we could be seeing the (beginning of the) end(?) to a pretty damn good platform.

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