HIDIVE e-mails?

  • As of more recently, i’ve noticed that my e-mail is getting numerous promotions from HIDIVE service? Seems to be anime related, just trying to figure out which anime service that i’m subscribed to yielded it. Has anyone else seen these e-mails?


  • @P.J. you subscribe to a Sentai newsletter? That could be causing it. Same with THAN since HIDIVE is basically the replacement of that.

  • Now if they would just fix the video player. I'm watching on apple IOS (IPAD) and haven't been able to watch anything this week. Also, I just noticed that HIDIVE doesn't support internet explorer, so my laptop isn't an option yet. I get the HIDIVE screen, but the video portion appears to be off the top of the screen. All I see is the pull down for selecting the language/sub title choices.
    I've submitted a ticket, but no joy as yet.

  • Hello Doublethree,

    Perhaps, but not that i really remember...

    Thanks for trying to pin it down,


  • @P.J. You can usually get some sense of who's sending these kinds of mails by looking at the email's footer (the very bottom of the email). The footer on these kinds of messages usually gives some kind of information on who's sending it (whether an ad agency or not), some legal information, and an Unsubscribe and/or Account button.

  • Hello once again Tibs,

    I'll have to re-check... I think when i was trying to find more on it, didn't really see anything where i could exclaim, "Aha! got you!"

    Yeah, i've heard some pretty interesting accounts with respect to the "unsubscribe" contained in certain e-mails...


  • Well, if you can't find any information on the footer, I don't know what to suggest. I do know though that I've been subbed to HiDive for 2 months and haven't received any spam, likewise with Funimation. Make sure to check on your account page whether you've given permission for them to send messages. If you go on their page you should see a check box with the following text next to it:
    "Send me emails from HIDIVE so I can stay on top of new shows, features, and offers!"
    Make sure that's not ticked.

  • Hello once again Tibs,

    The funny thing is, i don't have an account with them. Have a feeling that my information was sold somewhere along the line, just trying to figure out by whom...


  • Columbo voice: "Now it all starts to make sense..."

    0_1516359860377_Anime Network HIDIVE Connection.JPG

    At one point, i believe i e-mailed Anime Network support, so, my information was probably transferred over to HIDIVE. Wonder what caused Anime Network to get out? I still have their subscription through Verizon FiOS...

    Anyway, i'm tempted to lock in at the 3.99 a month subscription service to HIDIVE specifically, especially now, since it looks like they will have Umaru season 2 which i'm not seeing on CrunchyRoll. I'm also wondering, if eventually, they will offer a yearly option (preferably non-recurring). What i also found interesting was that on their forum, i believe a number of our contributors here are on their platform as well. (laughs) ;-)


  • I have to admit that I've considered subscribing there myself, but not sure how I feel about a couple of the business practices of Sentai. Not the least of those being that the monthly fee was still showing as a "temporary" the last time I looked.

    With a large portion of their recent titles having gone to Strike, it just seemed like they were splitting their business too thin on either platform to make it worth the subscription at any cost. Since Strike is now gone, if they were to update that pesky "temporary" and give a more firm "this is the monthly rate", and actually start holding their titles to their site (since I can't imagine them getting back into CR's good graces) it may be worth the trouble. For right now, there are too many things which are questionable to feel that it's a reasonable decision. Maybe after seeing how Sentai divides up the Winter and Spring titles, aka allows subscribers to actually watch their titles without having to subscribe to multiple sources, it will be an easier decision. They have managed to get a couple of decent licenses, but it doesn't make sense to me to subscribe for only one or two titles a season which may require multiple subscriptions.

    For what it's worth, I think that business model is exactly why Sentai hasn't bothered to make an official announcement that they own the Hidive service. In that regard, the death of Strike and falling out with CR may be one of the best things that ever happens to the company if they take the time to capitalize on it rather than look for somewhere else to send their stuff.

  • Pleco Breeder explains,

    "if they were to update that pesky 'temporary'...

    From what i saw tonight, looks like the price can be fixed for two years:

    0_1516364479469_HIDIVE Pricing.JPG

    You raise a lot of interesting aspects, i'm not too familiar with Anime Strike or that there was a falling out.


  • I'm not completely sure that there was a "falling out", but know that Sentai all but stopped putting anime on CR. Likewise, the demise of Strike (assuming that Sentai doesn't plan on continuing to send exclusives to Amazon) may be the push to finally go with full disclosure and begin marketing their stuff on their site.

    Even Funimation has stuff listed on other services. However, aside from a couple of series exceptions and A LOT of movies, you're able to have access to the full catalog by subscribing to the service. Knowing that allows for a sense of comfort in knowing that if Funimation licenses a new series for the Spring, subscribers will have access to that. Sentai can't really make that guarantee right now (assuming that nothing has changed till I see a trend showing otherwise) and may require multiple subscriptions just to see what they get from a single season.

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