Funimation charged me twice for something I already bought and received

  • Okay so about an hour ago, I got a email from Funimation saying my order was shipped, I looked at it and it says it’s for the outlaw Star collectors edition, which is something i bougnt and got earlier this this year, they also charged me twice now my account is overdrawn $149, I sent them and my bank a email trying to get it canceled and my account back to positive, but hasn’t anyone has this happened to them before?

    I just think it’s weird because they’re charging me twice for something I already bought and got in the mail months ago

  • @SHINeeHypeman

    I got the same email just now

  • @SHINeeHypeman @saye-pah I have inquired about this issue internally for you. The recommendation is to please put in a ticket with Customer Support and to include your order number, so that the issue can be investigated.

  • This happened to me too. I contacted my bank and they are disputing the charges, but it may take up to 10 days to get the balance corrected. This is actually the final straw for me with Funimation. I will never deal with them again, which is disappointing because I really do like their selection of shows. This is unacceptable in my opinion and should never happen.

  • @samuelhelton Please put in a ticket with Customer Support and include your order number.

  • @samuelhelton this is really frustrating for me because I’m trying to get my own place and here they are charging me for something I already bought, I hope I can get that money back

  • So customer support told me payment was processed and now my order is complete but I don’t understand how they can when they took $74 out of my account back in January when I first preordered it, what did they do with the $74 they took? Because I certainly didn’t get it back. looks like I will have to call my bank and get my money back because now I’m out $74 this is bs

  • I had a situation sometime back wherein there was a double-hold when i purchased a DVD through FUN, luckily, i believe i still had enough money in my account despite this, and, eventually, the hold did fall off. I think it might have something to do with making a transaction with a debit card versus a credit card? Did you happen to use VISA debit? More recently, when my FUN subscription was set to auto-renew, at least that went off without a hitch.

    My trick for purchasing DVDs etc. through FUNimation is to always have double the funds in the account (if at all possible), in the event that an oddity occurs even though it should not be this way. I wonder if FUN switched payment processors, i just never remember this problem back in the day, and, i think i used to purchase a lot more frequently directly through FUNimation back when and this never happened. Currently, i have ordered a DVD/ Blu Ray set with them, i called the bank, so far, there is just one [1] hold. Hopefully, it stays that way.

    Perhaps it is an issue with pre-ordering? Maybe that was the hitch for me back when. I guess only if it is something that i really want, i'll try to stave off the pre-order. Maybe it is something where there is the initial hold for the pre-order, but, then they can get you a second time once the title is released and they seek the funds. What also plays into this (at least according to my Credit Union) is if FUNimation puts through a different auth code from the first submitted, then a double-hold can occur. I had this believe it or not with GameStop on one occasion as well. At that time, after speaking with the bank supervisor, they graciously decided to remove the hold early because i guess they could determine that it was alright to do so. However, in the later case with FUNimation, my Credit Union decided against removing the second hold on grounds that they didn't know if perhaps a second purchase was, in fact, made due to the varying auth code.

    Bottom line, in addition to the aggravation that occurs when this happens, many different factors can be involved and even submitting a ticket, i felt as though the support representative i had through FUNimation (at that time) did not necessarily have a complete grasp of the situation as evidenced by a slew of e-mails back and forth wherein i felt like i constantly had to re-explain the problem. I don't believe that there was ever a real satisfactory solution, i just happened to luck out (so to speak) where no other checks i wrote bounced, and, the second hold eventually fell off. Not sure if this post helped, but, figured i would share my experience and what i now do to avoid the aforementioned hassle.


  • I had the same thing last week. Sent a ticket. Reply was nothing shipped and nothing charged, but still shows as pending. Put in a dispute with the bank. My purchase was back in June. Sent another ticket. Software problem !

    Since I posted this, I've been in contact with my bank. Looks like Funi NEVER billed for the order last June, even though I've had the merchandise since then. There is no record of a charge made against my card in that time period. Some body has some explaining to do at Funi. I've heard of late accounts receivable, but if you haven't a clue that you've never billed a customer for an order...that's poor business.

    From FUNI...
    "Our Shop and Billing Departments are currently reviewing older orders at this time. It appears that Order #xxxxxxxxx was not properly updated in our systems to reflect that it had shipped and allow billing to process.

    With the updates that were made to your order, a shipment confirmation email was sent in error. A new order is not being shipped to you.
    Our Billing Department has also processed the payment of $xx.xx USD to complete your order. Please allow 7-10 business days for billing to fully process. This is the only time you have been charged for this order.

    Your order is now complete in our systems. We apologize again for any inconvenience this may have caused and we hope you are enjoying your purchase! Please let us know if you have any additional questions."

    I'll let it slide this time, but only because the bank verified there was no charge to the account for this order since June.

    This all on Funimation...

  • @bejay53 That's exactly what I think happened to me, for some reason theres no record of them charging me but I remember seeing the transaction on my history after I preorder.. something weird is going on.. not sure if I want to buy anything else from here

  • Since I posted this, I've been in contact with my bank. Looks like Funi NEVER billed for the order last June, even though I've had the merchandise since then. There is no record of a charge made against my card in that time period. Some body has some explaining to do at Funi. I've heard of late accounts receivable, but if you haven't a clue that you've never billed a customer for an order...that's poor business.

    I may be able to shed a little bit of light on it since this sounds like an accounting issue (I went to school for this!):

    Note: this is all based on GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) which technically only applies to publicly traded companies iirc So how Funimation runs their business could be different from how Amazon runs there's because its not technically illegal for them to do this

    Okay so how a pre-order is supposed to show in a financial statement would count as a liability of $XX.XX on some line called "unfulfilled services" or something along those lines. So if Funimation did take the money before hand, if they went bankrupt from then until now, they would have to pay back everyone those debts (which can make a situation worse). So the generally accepted way of doing a pre-order would be to pay a small amount down (like $1 for example in a brick and mortar store anyway), mostly to show that it is spoken for, and when said item comes in you can come in and pay the difference and not have to worry about someone buying your merch. How amazon does it is that when you pre-order something, they don't even take money, they just pretty much have it written down that you wanted one (has its own perks, but someone could "walk in" and buy your copy of whatever, Amazon wouldn't care, in theory).

    The original charge was probably to see if your payment method was valid and/or able to pay up (A practice I don't really condone unless it was pretty much $1).

    I 100% hate it when a company takes the full value of that item when it was a pre-order because its a liability on them and you are down $X and nothing to show for it until it arrives days/weeks/months later.

    At my store we don't let anyone pay the full price of a pre-orderable item, but we do keep a receipt to show that X people want X amount of items so we can order the correct amount accordingly. For games I think its $5 down, for consoles its about 50 I think, but it also goes toward that purchase, so its not like a holding fee or anything.

  • @darthrutsula40 Was thinking something similar (also went to school for accounting, but it's been over 20 years ago and changed careers after graduating). My thought was that it's an issue with logging accounts receivable and inventory causing the conflict. Logging the accounts receivable amount for a pre-order should result in the initial charge (in a properly managed ledger) and result in a purchase order for inventory (likely a log of some sort for pre-ordered items). The two basically cancel each other out when the balance sheet is completed at the end of the cycle.

    In the case of an item already being shipped, because of a poorly recorded purchase order, the item would have to be removed from inventory, resulting in a charge to that account. And also have to be applied as an accounts receivable resulting in a second charge. Once the initial shipment is audited, that purchase order should zero out with a proper balance (charge should eventually fall off the balance). With the accounts receivable being the only valid charge. This is all assuming that the original charge was not properly processed is the cause.

    The bigger worry here is that the shipment is only now being audited after months of being missing from inventory. Could not only cause problems for the customer (as is the case here), but in the instance of any kind of financial problems could also result in higher outstanding credit.

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