Know which devices are connected

  • I see a lot of streaming services like netflix and hulu showing you which devices are connected to your account. This would be very much appreciated and helpful. This allows for me to know if I forgot to log out of my friend device or just a device i dont use anymore. Also a good way to know if you've been hacked/breached and some random person is using your account without you noticing.

  • This feature is coming in phases. The first is to connect devices to your account via a short code instead of having to log in using your email and password. Logging out deactivates the device. The second phase is to then list these devices in your account where you can deactivate them remotely.

    I can ask about a phase 3 where you can see all login sessions for your account. In the meantime, you can also change your password, which will automatically log your account out of all devices to make absolutely sure.

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