Please Help make more romance fantasy anime

  • Its very hard to come by anime shows that have romance but are in a world with things like monsters, dwarfs, and elves. It would be nice to see a dwarf fall in love with an elf for once and go on an adventure together.

  • Funimation doesn't make anime, only localization. Therefore, unless a writer in Japan happens to have the same tastes, the love of that dwarf is likely to go unrequited.

  • @pleco_breeder they did help fund Dimension W and work with Crunchyroll who got Urahara and Shelter made so even if Funimation doesn't actually make anime they do have channels they can use to influence if a certain type of show is made. I doubt they'll do that too much and OP is probably better off asking Crunchyroll or Netflix or a Japanese company over Funimation.

  • @Doublethree100 Those same routes are available to anyone, even a private individual, if they choose to make a substantial donation to the production. My point from the above post is that original content, either an original script or some other source has to exist before an anime will even be considered. Without that, a pitch will never be made for a production committee to be formed, let alone the option to assist with funding in exchange for rights.

    Honestly, I'd like to see it come to pass that Funimation had some regular degree of investment in the type of anime being produced. However, as a strictly localization company (dealing only with theater, streaming, and home video rights), it is highly unlikely to happen. Production committees can rest fairly confidently in knowing that the licenses for those rights will sell for most mainstream releases. For that reason, an additional amount beyond their projected value would likely be the only way it would be considered by the committees.

    I know that CR has managed to get a seat on several committees as of late, but not sure of all the details of what was given in exchange. I honestly suspect that some form of agreement was made for North American merchandise distribution beyond licensing fees. However, that is strictly my own speculation. I suspect that the number of foreign companies sitting on these committees will slowly increase as popularity continues to become more mainstream and producers begin to want more say in product decisions. Again, just speculation, but money is always going to be the driving force for any business.

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