"This Video Not Available In Your Territory" - RESOLVED

  • We believe that we have resolved this issue for all users experiencing it. This fix should also allow people in US territories who were unable to view episodes to view them.

    If you are still seeing this issue, please read through the following and make sure that none of these four things apply to you:

    A) If you are currently residing outside of the United States or Canada, you are not seeing this message in error, as we do not have streaming rights in those areas.
    B ) Try re-loading the page 2-3 times, as this error can appear as a page load error.
    C) If you are ONLY seeing this issue on a single show and can view other shows just fine (particularly if you are in Canada), this may be a database issue. Please let us know what show you are seeing it on by submitting a ticket with any of the "Video" reason codes.
    D) If you are using a VPN or something that masks or alters your IP– if this is the case, please disable this software and try again. If you are not sure if you are using a VPN, and you are the primary user of your computer, you are not using one. :)

    If none of these things apply and you are still seeing this message, please submit a ticket letting us know that, immediately. Please use the reason code "Other Technical" and make sure to mention that you are seeing the Territory message.

    Issue Status (Updated 2/11)


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