Love, Chuunibyo and Other Delusions question

  • Been getting hyped for the next movie release, re-watched the series and first movie today, but haven't heard anything about releases outside Japan yet. I know it's still three months till it opens in Japan, so this isn't too much of a too much of a concern yet.

    I'm curious if anyone here has seen anything about a US license.

    The new movie is all original, the first two seasons completed covering the novel series, so I'm also curious if anyone has seen anything about the release of another novel. It may sound a bit greedy, but I made sure to buy the novels before coming back to the US to have the full collection. Therefore, don't want to miss any additional works.

    It's not usually my style to be so hyped about an upcoming release, but this series has been tied for my number one for years. Been a couple that have fallen from that tied position, but this is the one which has been consistent.

    Fun fact... I got into an argument with one of the English professors at the local college because I wrote "This is the story Steinbeck would have told to explain the human condition if he'd had the ability", referring to this series, in my final exam submission. Even with the argument, because I was able to provide outlined reasons which couldn't be logically dis-proven, the anime won with a perfect score on the paper. It was a fun paper.

  • I don't believe any license has been announced however Sentai got the main series which seems pretty popular and they have released other movies for shows they have such as Girls und Panzar and recently No Game No Life so I'd say they're pretty likely to pick this up too.

  • General rule of thumb is if a new sequel or movie is being released, it will most likely fall to the license holder of the original series. Occasionally, there are exceptions (like Sony swooping in to license the Cowboy Bebop movie) but it's a safe rule to go by.

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