UI remains while video player is in full screen

  • i took the trial, but i wont' be subscribing because the video player is buggy in fullscreen. the menu bars won't go away while i'm watching. don't have this problem on hulu or crunchyroll. I've seen this complaint online going years back, but it doesn't look like it will ever be fixed. which is weird since the entire point of this site is to watch videos, i would have thought it would be fixed immediately.

  • @blehbleh11 Thank you for reporting. I'm sorry that this issue ended up being the deal breaker.

    This is a Windows 10 touch device issue that occurs on at least Chrome and Firefox. I can reproduce it on my Surface Pro 3 with a USB mouse, but not on my non-touch laptop. The issue is not years old, though. Any reports prior to December 2016 are for the previous site and its Flash video player. This is a brand new site with an HTML5 video player.

    The issue is happening because your mouse is still technically on the active area of the player in full screen even when you move it all the way over to the edge of the screen. The issue has been reported as a bug and will be fixed. I will post to this thread once the issue has been resolved, and I hope that you will reconsider subscribing at that time.

    Could you please confirm if there are other ways to reproduce the issue? Does any of the above contradict with what you have experienced while trying to watch the player in full screen? For example, are you not on a touch device? Do you not have a USB connected mouse?

    ref: 10504

  • Yeah, I had this issue as well ever since I started using funimation. I was able to bypass this by pressing the windows key on my keyboard twice. But ever since yesterday, my little trick stopped working...

    I really love dubs (cause I hate reading while watching anime :P) so I hate to see funimation lose customers. Heres some friendly advice, I know you guys are working hard to fix the issue, but you should really just rebuild your site... This isn't the only problem with the site users are experiencing. The truth is, if you don't deliver the product users are paying for, they're just going to use a free anime site.

    I know building a site takes time and money, but I believe its more efficient to replace a leaking roof rather than to try to plug all of the holes.

  • One work around that I have found is to extend the screen to a second display, drag the window to the second display, go full screen, then move the mouse pointer back to the first display. Only works if you have a second screen though. ๐Ÿ˜•

  • @jaggie Yes, that's the only workaround I'm afraid. The issue is currently still in progress.

    alt text
    There is.... another....workaround.

    Tap the screen.

  • Another work around that I found is to start the video then alt+tab to another window-file explorer or something other than chrome-then press on the screen lightly with the touch-screen capabilities. This approach may take a couple of tries. This works for me on chrome with my laptop that has touch screen capabilities.

  • There is another workaround for this issue. Tap the screen. The UI will go away.

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