Video Buffering

  • Can you allow the entire video to buffer when paused and not just the next 30 sec? I have great internet but your servers can be unreliable at times and I would like to not have to pause the video every few minutes during your high traffic times.

  • That's why I usually wait a day or two before watching a new episode.

  • I can certainly ask about this. On the old site, we had the buffer set at I think 2 minutes, which was enough to deal with peak streaming times and didn't break the budget.

  • I personally think when paused, it should buffer automatically a lot of the episode.

  • @Spaceshotx7 We can't do that, unfortunately, due to the expense. The compromise we did on the old site was to figure out how much really needed to be buffered to allow a user on a really slow connection or during peak usage times to be able to stream without buffering. On the old site, this was 2 minutes of video. On this site, it could be more or less. We'd have to figure that out. Obviously, it needs to be more than 30 seconds.

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