"Your Name" live action movie announced

  • I just... I don't know.

    I mean it can work.

    But I don't feel as good a connection in live-action drama as I do animated drama. I know it sounds odd but I feel animated drama is way more relateable.

    Maybe its the easier to read faces or just that something animated isn't as prone to having something distracting on screen I don't know.

    In before whitewashing crowd.

  • I don't really care much about the whitewashing thing, and honestly believe the existence of the idea is racist in itself. It's a story, so use the best possible actors for that story, and the intended audience. In this case, being a Hollywood production, the ability to speak English should be a requirement. Beyond that, I could care less if the entire cast was comprised of penguins... For the record, I'd probably be more likely to buy a copy of the disk if it were performed by English speaking penguins.

    My bigger concern is whether they'll actually stick to the original story. Even though the story concept is unusual, it's a hit because of the story. If they go trying to change it to make it something it's not, they essentially lose the entire concept. It would be like putting a corvette emblem on a chevette. Hollywood is notorious for doing such things, and that worries me.

  • @pleco_breeder said in "Your Name" live action movie announced:

    I'd probably be more likely to buy a copy of the disk if it were performed by English speaking penguins.

    I would buy any movie that had real penguins speaking any human language.

  • @pleco_breeder Well, would you want the movie to take place in Japan or America? I think that is more or less the question. I get that pretty much all you need to do is get rid of the tsuchikamizake (I think i got it spelled right?) stuff and you'd be like 80% of the way there on a neutral location.

    Kinda like the Death Note movie, though with a lot less content, I feel would also be pretty much an indicator of what we'll get.

    I'll wait for the trailer before I commit to whether or not I watch it.

  • @darthrutsula40 Other discussions I've had about this tonight have generally ended in the same sort of question. My consensus is I'd rather see something which held to the story as closely as possible, including what minor cultural references are made. However, a Japanese setting doesn't even really require Japan. Even if Japan is the decided location, which I still believe would be advantageous although not required, Japan does have a degree of diversity. As with anything else entertainment related, I believe talent should be more of the deciding factor than a requirement for a specific race/nationality in casting.

    While typing that, I couldn't help but think of the nightmare that would come from casting someone like Samuel Jackson as a male lead in this sort of movie, but common sense (taking the age of the characters into account) would be a personal requisite as well. Coming from an old guy, I don't want to believe an old guy belongs in this movie regardless of talent level. I guess in that regard, I have more standard requirements than even I initially thought.

  • I haven't seen the anime version of the movie yet, but I sure intend to as soon as I get the chance, though no matter how much I'd like it, I don't care about live action movies, pretty much like @darthrutsula40 said, I can't relate that much to real persons compared to anime characters.

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