Is this better then crunchyroll

  • Hi all,
    ive been a user of Crunchyroll for some time and getting sick of the (what i think lack of content(yes i know its partly to blame since we live in OZ)) and recently found this service(yes i know they hold each others hands),
    my question is to you all is this service worth it compared to crunchyroll or even is this service any good in your eyes, in this day and age is it worth the 6 dollars???

  • it is if you enjoy dubbed anime. there's a lot of it here

  • As Getchman said just before me, Funimation specializes itself mostly in anime dubbing, so if you're into dubs, this is the place to be, if you prefer subs, then you're better off on Crunchyroll.

  • @chickenmanic it pretty much broils down to what @Getchman said, if you like dubs, Funimation is the place for that and if you like subs Crunchyroll is the place for that. IMO, i find that having both is a nice balance and i feel Crunchyroll has more in term of endless animes to watch that you won't get to but god damnit you will try. To end this long rant, yes funimation is worth the $6 but i suggest you keep crunchyrol too

  • Just to add up to what @timrobasa said, I too am a paying subscriber of both services and they complement each other well. So I consider that it's worth the price too.

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