New Season, New Talk: Questions and Discussions

  • I thought it might be good to have a thread on Funimation we could use to talk about what happens in the new season. If it be a question, a discussion, a fan gush, or anything else you can talk about it here.

  • Yes, finally Itsuwa makes her apearance on Funimation, oh and Orsola, an Agnese, and Tatiyama, and oh Angelene too not to much an important character but you gotta love a girl who could make the claim of having a bigger stomach than Index.

  • I wonder which voice actors Funi would get to voice Vento of the Front and Kihara Amata

  • I hope that this time, Index II might get a Blu-Ray release unlike the first, which was only on DVD.

  • Yeah i agree, but I would like them to go back and remake the first season of Index and Railgun into bluray aswell. I also really like the clear DVD cases with the artwork on the inisde of the sleeve for volumes 1-2 and the the limited edition boxes they made for you to put them in. The entire combination was really awesome and I loved it, so I hope they continue to do something similar with the blu rays.

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