Different Color for Hyperlinks

  • Sometimes it's very difficult to see the difference between regular text and hyperlinks in text. If possible, I'd like to see links as some color other than navy blue, or reformat links to bold them and make them more recognizable - something that'll make links more noticeable. Thanks!

  • Because of the way the style manager works, if I change the link color for in posts, I change it throughout the forum. It is unfortunately, not specific enough to where the links are used. I tried brighter blues, and that looked quite garish. For now, I've gone with a lighter shade of our previous #072559 blue. It is now ##39517A blue. Is that better at all?

  • I suspected there'd be a problem like that. Eh, I don't really notice much of a difference in color for the regular font. The bolded hyperlinks look a little more washed out now, though, so usernames look a little uglier than before

    I'll stick to formatting my links with to make them more noticeable. Thank you for the attempted fix though!

  • Ok. I've reverted to #072559 since I think the new color make it look a bit ugly too. I could try underline, but then EVERYTHING would be underlined. Sigh.

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