Receive notification of new episodes

  • I have a suggestion for the mobile apps maybe a setting or something were we can choose to receive notification when a new episode has been uploaded.

  • This will be coming soon. When you follow a show, you will receive a notification on your phone and an email when a new episode has been released. You will be able to opt out of these notifications. There will also be a notification center in your account on the mobile apps and on the website where you can view recent past notifications.

    You will be able to follow shows from the site and I think from the mobile apps at first.

    I have updated the title of your thread, so that we can keep it to just being about notifications.

  • @Sophie Sweet Thank you

  • This is nice.

    @Sophie Speaking of notifications, will the update include a link to access the notification panel from the website? (like it's the case in the mobile version)

  • You'll be able to see the full notification in the app or the website in the notification center. I believe that your phone will point to the mobile app, while the email will point to the website. Both notification centers should have the same functionality.

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