inacurate dubbing again

  • funimation has once again inserted certain changes (I won't say political like others have but still questionable) this time in my first girlfriend is a gal (which I will say right now I haven't seen but I was thinking about it) there has been a line changed to make one character sound like Donald trump when the original didn't imply any politician, and there was another which I don't think is as bad as some are thinking but they changed the lines to imply the chief of the event believes anime fans hate women, this is not the implication in the original, I understand that the chief Is supposed to be the bad guy but other western political lines have been injected like "cuck, sjw millennial's", like I've said before I only care about accurate translation's, I know changes are sometimes needed but politically motivated lines are off putting and completely change the meaning of some lines. I know this post might cause a lot of responses but I think this has to be pointed out, I don't know or care who was involved just that this has been a bit of a trend for funimation to include certain political lines that don't reflect the original work. I also apologize to the mods if this will cause problems soon, I would like to hear what other people think it these line changes are bad or not, are you ok with western phrases being put in or would you rather like me they keep as close to the original Japanese as possible? also I do tend to wonder could funimation be doing this sort of thing deliberately to anger the right kind of people who love to complain so as to get attention for there brand (because I've seen that sort of thing happen before).

  • So I keep hearing about this but never what the original line was. Not the Crunchyroll subs but the original Japanese. Can someone either tell me what the line was or the episode and time it happens? What if the line is some Japanese slang that means nothing in English?

  • as far as the trump line goes in the original he say's something about how there going to have the number one store in the sale's and that he's counting on everyone, in the dub it's similar but in a trump style and at the end rather than saying i'm counting on all of you" he say's "we can make toranoara great again" there's a bit at the end were the tone is kind of the same but they've thrown a line about how there customer's hate women so they'll love to see there girls hot and flustered reading erotic light novel's, in the original it's just about costumers loving to see the girls hot and flustered not because they hate women. I can't get you any youtube link's because there to full episodes but there at the 8:44 mark and the 15:00 mark (these are only what I've seen so it could be taken out of context, but this is starting to become a pattern with funimation dub's).

  • They aren't making a political statement in the script, it is a joke, plain and simple. People are just looking for something to upset about take a dump on dub fans. This is partly why I'm slowly distancing myself from the fanbase.

  • I'll admit that I'm not aware of the change, mostly because I'm currently being hammered at work, but this has been a regular gripe for some people for years. I'm not saying it's wrong, and everyone has a right to their thoughts on the topic. However, IME it's better to think of anime as three separate shows. Of course there is the original (which doesn't necessarily hold true to the source material), but also sub and dub. If you go into it with the expectation that all three of these are essentially different stories holding to the same plot points, it's at least a little bit easier to accept.

    In my case, unless there is something which I absolutely have to know (usually because somebody makes a point of talking about how badly it was screwed up) I avoid watching anything other than the raw. Watching two separate versions of the same show just seems to detract from the story because of the changes. Watching subs is definitely the most revealing to changes being present because the CV and subs conflict so often. Watching dubs is fine because there's usually no indication that a change was made unless you just happen to know what was said.

    In the case of modern political statements or English slang use in dubs, I'm kind of split though. If it will be a relevant statement in ten years without the use of a search engine (meaning a viewer will be aware that this was an event) it's pretty easy to chalk it up to localization. However, most of the political statements seem to be passing fads written in by people simply trying to add an edgy feel to their show. Like it or not, the word millennial will stick just as well as every other labeled generation which came before it. However, most of this presidential rallying/statements are going to fall to the wayside and end up in obscurity within 5-10 years of a change of office. Even now a large portion of college age people can't tell you what a birther was because it's no longer relevant. Most of this political crap is going to disappear after people get past their whining enough to realize what kind of fool it makes them look like, and the media finds another kind of fool to throw into the spotlight. That's why it's called "15 minutes of fame".

    In summary, slang use in localization is ok as long as it's commonly used in EVERYDAY language by a majority of the people you know. Otherwise, it's just the word of the day and will be useless for the majority of viewers. Unless it's a major historical event which history isn't going to forget, politics don't belong either. Last but not least, pick a version of the story and stick with it to avoid contradiction of the translation/story.

  • @otakuanthony alright if that's the case let's ask this, is it right for funimation to change the script to such a point just to make a joke?

  • @bakura23 just basing off what was posted above I don't feel it changes the original meaning at all.

  • Ok like I said soon y'all sensitive weeabs will be triggered over generic words just because some politician said them that didn't have the same ideals as you wether they be your racial ideals, political ideals or religious ideals, you guys don't realize it but you're sjws yourselves because as soon as you hear or see something that triggers you you start frantically typing about how offended you are. Now lets talk about these words your triggered over first theres cuck, which was said in the Japanese it was just the Japanese word for it, so advice try to make sure the words aren't just a direct translation before whining it makes you look really stupid and like a weeab, the SJW millennial line (10/10 line by the way) I'm sure you don't know what is actually happening here because you're to triggered to even think the scene was refranceing the LN/anime Masou Gakuen HXH which was an anime that literally only got inaccurate bad reviews because of SJW ideals so the line is accurate since the whole scene is a refrance to that LN/show and that was something that accually happened.
    Finally dubs aren't made for sub fans which I'm sure that's what most of you who complain are they are for people want to hear the anime in their own language and don't disown their own culture and localization is needed to make a good dub when you start throwing in random Japanese words that don't translate it sounds weird, unnatural, it losses all emotion and they just seem lazy plus if you don't localize the lip movements don't match. If you want the simplified translations of thing just watch the sub or better yet actually take some classes on Japanese and learn the language don't come here trying to ruin our dubs because you don't like them or because you're sensitive and let simple generic words offend you.

  • I honestly don't think this is a battle worth fighting. Nearly every fanserivce/ecchi show they have worked on it very liberally translated, and they shown no signs of slowing down.

  • @Getchman They've also dubbed shows like this for over 20 years and it proven to be very successful I don't know why people think it's some new thing, there's no need to change something thats successful to somthing that will be unsuccessful just because some modern day easily bootybothered people whined.

  • I'm not sure why you think accurately translating a fansverice show would be unsuccessful

  • @Getchman Not having localization and English slang makes all dubs worse they lack emotion, they don't sound natural and they seem lazy when you don't have it. Look at Shinmai Maou No Testament it was dubbed with a almost word for word translation and it isn't anywhere near as good as others.

  • @lcdude said in inacurate dubbing again:

    Shinmai Maou No Testament

    Uses the Japanese name and not English.
    A weeabs in non-weeabs clothing I see

  • @darkdeath174 Is that the best you got? Shinmai Maou No Testament and Masou Gakuen HXH are the only shows I use the Japanese name for because Testament Of Sister New Devil is just terrible grammer and
    Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia is just way to long and I don't feel like typing it all out.

  • @lcdude Could just use "Sister New Devil" and "HxH Magias", both get google hits and happen to be shorter.

  • lets get back on topic, can you explain the scene more, because I got that it was about fan service LN but all I saw was a man claiming that anime fans hate women (that was not in the original) and they through in sjw at from the bad guy to are main characters (and yes I have seen anti-sjw's throw the word sjw to anyone I hate them to, in fact the guy in the dub comes across as anti-sjw)

  • I agree with you, to a certain extent. Yes, a word for world translation is almost always unlikely to work. I'm fine with some changes to make it flow in English. change up a joke a bit so it makes sense, awesome, thanks . Completely altering what is being said, to the point where it is no longer the same show, no so much. I'm only ok with that if it was explicitly allowed, like panty and stocking and Ghost Stories. Pretty much every other show they work on finds the perfect balance. Now I'm actually looking forward to watching the dub for Testament. I'll be doing that once the other 10 are uploaded

  • @bakura23 Ok think about who dubs are made for they're made for American people who speak English keep that in mind, He's making the girls read lewd LNs in front of a crowd who get off seeing women embarrassed by being made to do something they don't want to do and that would be seen as "degrading" to women and those people would be made out like they "hate" women, and the millennial sjw phrase I was thinking it could have been a reference to something that happened with Hybrid x Heart but I've watched this scene a few times now, and it also seems like they're just trying to please everyone the sjw, the anti-sjws and the guys like me who want them to keep doing what they've been doing, now you got the weeaboos jumping in whining that they want things dubbed word for word and emotionlessly which will only make things worse and ruin most dubs if they get their way, the only way for this to stop would be for everyone to sit down shut up and let the people do their job because as it is now they have write their scripts in a way that if anything is said that might offend one group and please another they have to turn around and say the opposite to try to keep the other from being triggered. If it all keeps up they might end up having to stop broadcast dubs and wait to do them on home video again so it'll be a "whats done is done," type deal so no-one will have the chance to complain and if they do it will be pointless.

  • @Doublethree100 sorry I just realised I didn't tell you the number of the episode just gave you the time marks of the particular lines in question. the episode is episode 7, go see both the sub and dub for yourself I really would like to hear what you think.

  • @bakura23 I don't see anything particularly wrong at the 8:44 mark. I watched the scene in full on both Crunchyroll and Funimation and aside from a few word choices the only difference I saw was when the dude is listing off things he's already done in the dub he says something like "I already called and verbally abused the supplier. I think he peed a little heh" while in the sub it's just "I already contacted the supplier about items that have not arrived yet". I didn't bother getting the Japanese since this wasn't a line I've seen people complaining about.

    Now the main one.
    Dub: "Dook day's been cancelled you guys, another win for you SJW millennials"
    Sub: "Today's event has been cancelled, we'll operate normally for today."
    The Japanese was somewhat hard to get because he's speaking softly and somewhat quickly (maybe @pleco_breeder can correct anything) but I think he said:
    「今日のイベントは中止、正常営業の戻す」 ("kyou no ibento wa chushi, seijou eigyou no modosu") which literally translates to "Today's event is stop, restore normal business.".

    While the Crunchyroll sub is obviously closer to the original line (which didn't even feature any kind of joke) I will say I prefer the Funimation line in the context of the scene and what I got from this dude's character.

    What I mean is this dude is clearly supposed to be scum. He's trying to get underaged girls to read an erotic scene from a light novel to arouse his (probably) middle aged male customers. In the dub they get him swearing and calling MC a "dickless cuck" adds to this in the dub but he's acting pretty sleazy in the Japanese version too. When his boss calls him neither give what he says but you can tell from the guy's reaction and the next line he's cancelling "Book Day" for whatever reason. In the Japanese version he just bows and speaks softly and quickly as if to get it over with since he's probably embarrassed. In the dub he turns to insulting the kids which in western culture makes a lot more sense as he's angry he didn't get his way and isn't about to take it out on his boss.

    I also prefer this because while there were a number of jokes in the dub there really wasn't anything funny in either scene I watched in the Japanese version. We're talking about a censored fanservice show here, you need some kind of draw or people will just pirate the AT-X version.

  • @Doublethree100 said in inacurate dubbing again:

    We're talking about a censored fanservice show here, you need some kind of draw or people will just pirate the AT-X version.

    That's assuming these same people won't seek out a version that slaps the audio from Funimation's simuldub on top of the video from AT-X.

    While I don't know such a version exists for the show, I wouldn't doubt it. I had seen references in the past to this being done to another show Funimation simuldubbed.

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