Sony and Aniplex

  • Sony just bought Funi and already has Aniplex. Do you guys see any chance that SAO and other titles will ever make it's way to Funi in a merger type thing. To be frank, Funimation is the best service to watching anime out there and just crushes anything Aniplex or others try to do. Wouldn't having the best of the best anime consolidated in one place be the best?

    Curious what you guys think.

  • nope. Aniplex is owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Sony Pictures Television is what bought Funi. Even though they are both under the Sony label, they are still two very different companies with different owners that operate independently of each other. I don't expect that to change, especially not with former AoA president Henry Goto back in Japan as Head of International Business Development at Aniplex.

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