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  • I was just reading an article about how cross connected play was accidentally enabled for a video game on the PS4 and Xbox (yes I know nothing to do with anime bear with me). This however was a mistake and quickly shut down. It seems the driving force behind shutting it down was Sony and not Xbox who seem in favor of this cross connected play. It seems Sony doesn't play well with others and it got me thinking that soon the same thing will be happening with our favorite industry couple. I know there trying to sell us there nothing will change bs but I feel it's only a matter of time before this is dead. But it sure will be depressing when the amount of SimulDubs decreases dramatically and we go back to missing out on dubs for some amazing shows. I've never been a fan of CR but they do have an awesome backlog that funi has barely touched.
    TLDR: Funi x CR dead, Sony bad, and me whining.

  • ..........With all due respect what the actual hell are you going on about?

    You're talking about what seems to be a game that accidentally had console cross play and how because Sony doesn't like getting involved in cross-play the Funimation x Crunchyroll partnership is dead? That is a huge heap of logic there.

  • @classyspartan I think he/she is giving an example of Sony not being a "team player", meaning that now that it owns Funimation, the partnership with Crunchyroll will likely die.

    Well in my opinion, gaming consoles are meant to be mutualy exclusive, you buy the one you like and hate on the other(s). I don't hear much about people gaming on both XBox and Playstation, generally you buy one and play the games it has available. But for streaming services, especialy from what I've seen on anime, people often get multiple subscriptions to get everything they want to see, like we used to do with the cable service for TV. So unless Sony decides to put a lot more money into Funimation to get more anime, having a partnership with either Crunchyroll or some other big anime company is probably the best thing they can do to stay competitive.

  • @the_krock that's exactly why Sony won't let cross-play yet Microsoft and Nintendo are fine with it. If Sony allows Cross-play then on my PS4 I can play Rocket League with friends who own it on Xbox, PC or Switch. Without cross-play my friend needs to buy a PS4.

    Anime streaming companies aren't in this direct competition. If I want to watch Sakura Quest I have to go to either Crunchyroll or Funimation depending on if I want subs or dubbed. I can't see it on HIDIVE or Amazon. If Sony does break the deal off I think Funimation is still in the worse. Crunchyroll can get shows they're funding, same with Aniplex and Pony Canyon. Sony can't compete with Netflix and Amazon. Sure they could start funding shows too but shows take a while to get made from the point of looking for funding so Funimation could go like a year with only low tier shows no one else wanted.

  • Just putting this out there, but Crackle, a Sony-owned-and-operated streaming service, has apps available for several non-Sony platforms, including iOS and XBOX.

    So if they're willing to provide apps for their own service for their competitors' products, I think the FuniRoll partnership will be safe, at least for the time being.

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