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  • So I'm starting this thread in hopes of getting more into the anime community, as I've seen 17, almost 18, anime now and haven't been very involved in the community.

    So this is just a forum post where we can all just discuss anime and be nice, please ^-^.
    Some rules:

    1. Be nice
    2. No hating on peoples taste in anime, we're all different
    3. No hating on peoples ships or ship preferences (as in liking yaoi or yuri)
    4. Have fun ^-^

    So my first thing to start said discussion is:
    Is there any anime anyone recommends watching from 2016 or 2017? I've only seen 2 anime from 2016 (Kiss Him Not Me and Yuri!!! On Ice) and 2 from 2017 (AoT season 2 and Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga), I generally don't like anime with lots of fanservice, but please just give me some suggestions for good anime from 2016 or 2017.

  • I generally watch only 2-3 new series each season so I don't have tons of recommendations but here's a few I liked that were released since the beginning of 2016:

    Sakamoto desu ga (Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto): A refreshing comedy anime that doesn't rely on fan service and other clichés to make the viewer laugh.
    Aho Girl: Just plain stupidity from start to finish, a must watch if you just want to relax and have fun without using too much of you brain while doing it.
    ReLIFE: Seems like a basic slice of life at first, but really relatable if you're shy / introverted.
    Drifters: A bunch of historical warriors from different eras put all together in the same world, with some badass action.
    Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: This one is definitely not for everyone, but if you want something more mature and down to earth, this one a really good one.

  • @the_krock Oh wow thank you, I heard of Sakamoto Desu Ga and was unsure whether to watch it, I haven't heard of the others (except for a brief mention of Drifters somewhere) so I'll be sure to check them out!
    I have some other shows to watch (I'm watching Mirai Nikki now, which is a giant step from my normal anime, as it's filled with fanservice, so much it's almost ecchi) like Snow White with The Red Hair and Dance With Devils (I'm so weird for liking reverse harem anime). But I know I'll definitely watch Sakamoto Desu Ga and I'll make sure to look into the others.

    Thank you for the suggestions, as it's hard for me to keep up with the anime season when there is so much to watch XD!

  • Why strictly 2016/17? You seem to like reverse harems and if you're limiting to just those years, you'll be missing out on one of the best, "Ouran High School Host Club". Now granted, their is some fanservice in show, but that's rather unavailable in the genre. Thankfully it's tastefully done, and well implemented into the plot of the show. Hell, I'm a (straight) guy and even I enjoyed it.

    If you're enjoying Mirai Nikki, then how about When They Cry? Again, it's an older show, but a good one. Unlike Ouran however, I suggest avoiding the dub. If I had to suggest a show to be redubbed this (and it's sequels) would be it.

    If you want some comedy/action, give Assassination Classroom a go. Season 2 came out in 2016, so it technically meets the threshold you set. Through the two seasons, it'll make you laugh, think, cry, and want more. They also released a mini fantasy spin-off, though I think it fell flat. Still the 2 main seasons are great.

    A Slice Of Life Comedy, I found charming, that was dubbed this year was Barakamon. Granted it was originally released in 2014, but they made a prequel (Handa-Kun) that was made in 2016 with a rather different theme. I do suggest watching Barakamon, but Handa fell short for me, Barakamon had a charm to it Handa wishes it could capture.

    Lastly I concur with 2 of the_krock's choices, ReLife and Drifters. Though I found the ending of Drifters disappointing and I'd like a second season before I can properly suggest watching it. To add onto those, I'd like to add Tsuredure Children, and Gamers!, both of which are currently being dubbed by Funimation (Schedule Here) and are shows in 2017.

    I would've also suggested more anime from 2016/17 but being a dub-only watch you don't really keep up when something was initially released. I also apologize for the long post, but their's a lot of good stuff out their. If you desire more anime suggestions, their's already a thread for that HERE.

  • I had the same kind of impression of Sakamoto Desu Ga before watching it but I'm glad I stepped over it and decided to watch it. The trailer and other promotion images I've seen of it don't give justice to how fun and charming this anime is.

    If you like the essence of Mirai Nikki but dislike its ecchi nature there's a chance you'd like Eden of the East, it's similar in the way that there's 12 persons trying to survive using a cellphone, but in a more "serious" setting.

    @Tibs said in Anime Discussion:

    Though I found the ending of Drifters disappointing and I'd like a second season before I can properly suggest watching it.

    It was made pretty clear at the end of the last episode that a season 2 is coming in 2018, so I don't think it's a bad thing to recommend it now.

  • @the_krock said in Anime Discussion:

    It was made pretty clear at the end of the last episode that a season 2 is coming in 2018, so I don't think it's a bad thing to recommend it now.

    Very true. Though them saying a S2 is coming in the anime, and them actually making it are two different things. I, and I'm sure plenty of others have noticed a trend of animes that give false promises at the end. Though after doing some searching season 2 is thankfully being worked on now, and not sometime in the future/never.

  • Definitely Gamers is a must watch since its a fantastic romcom. Erased is also a great thriller anime that's beautifully animated and has a great story.

  • I highly recommend Assassination Classroom, Death Parade, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Blood Blockade Battlefront, and both seasons of Noragami.

  • Oh wow thank you for all the recommendations everyone! To answer someone who said I should watch Ouran, I have! I actually loved Ouran a lot (except I watched it subbed, and seen a few epidodes dubbed).

    Also I was thinking of watching Noragami (but was having trouble getting to it since I always end up finding something). And I've heard of Assassination Classroom and it was another anime I was unsure of. The others, I'll definitely have to look up!

    Also to answer a question on why 2016/17, I just want to start keeping up with the anime season, but don't really know where to start.

    Also someone said Higurashi, I've heard of it and if it's like Mirai Nikki then I might just have to watch it lol. On the topic of shows though, I finished all of Mirai Nikki and watched Mirai Nikki Redial, and it was like messing with my brain to the max haha. Though the most upsetting episodes for me were 21 and 22. Though I feel like the only person who wished Akise and Yuki could've been together :/. Though now that I'm done watching the show I'll have to compile a list of all these recommendations and some other anime I've found that I want to watch (one of them is a shounen-ai anime that I saw a clip of on Youtube and now I HAVE to watch it, I believe the title is Hitorijime My Hero). I might watch something more light hearted (like the shounen-ai I stated above, Gamers, or Sakamoto Desu Ga since they all are more lighthearted) before I watch something like Higurashi though since, Mirai Nikki was good, but I'm still mentally recovering from how many tears I shed towards the end.

  • So question for everyone, what was the fastest time it ever took you to binge watch a single anime?

    Like for me its between Blue Exorcist which I watched in 2 days (yup all 25 episodes of the first season) and Super Lovers (I don't want to say it's the fastest in general because each of the 2 seasons is 10 episodes and there are 2 OVAs so it was only 22 episodes) because it took me just about a day.

  • I have watched a few 11-12 ep shows in a day. Somewhat depends on the show and what my time is like.

    I did watch all of HXH 2011 in 2 weeks (plus a few airing series and another show). Monster only took me a week for 75 episodes.

  • @ThatOneHetalianGirl said in Anime Discussion:

    So question for everyone, what was the fastest time it ever took you to binge watch a single anime?

    about 45 min. Bikini Warriors has 12 3.5 min episodes

  • Not sure the exact time but it usually ends up being a day for 12 episodes if I like the series and 2-3 days for 25 episodes

  • Watching a whole 12 episodes serie in the same day, that's the fastest I did.

  • @korrailli Yeah, I recently watched Hitorijime My Hero (I've been in a shounen ai mood recently for some reason) and I watched all the episodes so far to come out in a day. I have to wait until Saturday for the final episode to come out (well not sure, but that's what I found when I looked it up). Also woah you must be a monster (bad pun sorry) to watch 75 episodes in a week!

  • @Getchman Wow slightly ashamed because it took me like 2 months to finish all of Hetalia and each episode is 5 minutes! Then again I watched the 20 episodes of the 5th season of Hetalia in about 2 hours... but still wow.

  • @MidnightAoshi I can agree with that, but then there's also sometimes when you watch a 25 episode anime and you start getting bored so it takes a week. (Your lie in April was so sad it took me 2 weeks to finish because I got spoiled and was trying to carry on).

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