New York Comic Con Interview?

  • Hello there,

    I am a producer of a college television show, Press Start WP. We are a nerd culture variety show and this year we got Professional Passes to NYCC. We were wondering, during the 4 days of Comic Con, if we could interview someone from Funimation. We are huge fans of anime and love everything Funimation does and stands for. It would be a honor to talk to someone for a five minute interview about anything! From what it is like to work there, to what is like to go to comic con. We are nerds and we are doing everything we can to have content for our show because we love what we do and Funimation is one of those companies that inspire us to be in the entertainment business. If we can get in contact with anyone, that would be amazing! Please let us know if we could do anything! Have an amazing Sunday!

    Dominic Siconolfi
    William Paterson University
    Press Start WP

  • Hi Dominic. Thanks for your inquiry. I had to delete your email from your post so as not to attract bots or scammers.

    If you'd like to interview someone from Funimation, you can try contacting @JayHairston or @Laurmoor.

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