Some thoughts on Suzuka.

  • This was just such an emotionally powerful series. There is so much that can be said for it, but, i would like to highlight the instance of Honoka and Yamato’s spiral downward. The way Honoka so forcefully expressed something to the effect of, “How can i accept this gift, knowing that it is tainted with the thought of Asahina!” I realize that is not exact, don’t judge me (laughs) As if to say, in a broader context, “How do you expect this relationship to work, if your thoughts are with someone else?”. Such a transformation from Honoka’s reserved posture in the beginning. Such coldness, such mercilessness, oh my goodness... {:-O What a blessing it is if you have the privilege of having a girlfriend who can be brutally honest with you. And, you take that criticism, following her every advice unquestionably in order to bring the relationship to a place of stability. Sometimes i think though, Honoka had so much love; ultimately, as an older woman gazing out into the beauty of nature from a rocking chair (alone) as a tear streams down her wrinkled face, perhaps she should have forgiven Yamato? It seemed to be destiny that they were brought together after she had previously known him. It seemed in the series that they were a little too content to just part ways. Sometimes you just find yourself yelling at the screen, “No, no! Try to work things out!” Ahem. What i think would be deliciously interesting is if the creator endeavored to present the series once more - - but, in an alternate reality where Yamato chooses Honoka. I think like Chris Matthews, i just got a thrill running up my leg (laughs) I would pay FUNimation in gold bars to see that.

    Overall, this series reminds me so much of my time in high school. There was one girl in my class who loved this one guy, however, he had feelings for another girl in a grade above ours. It was tragic. She invested so much time in him, then, to lose him (in the end) to an upperclassman. Suffice it to say, her world came crashing down. It’s funny. I might have confessed my feelings for her had she not been so connected to him. I guess i knew she had no room in her heart for me. I guess you could say i was spared the misery that Honoka underwent, yet, at the same time, there can arise that nagging thought, “What if i tried to make it work, and succeeded?” Ah, the questions of life. It was as if the creator of Suzuka, wrote this story specifically for the girl in my class. I will add, the voice talent for this project was superior. Todd Haberkorn, Leah Clark, especially Brina Palencia navigating the shift in Honoka’s personality, masterfully done. If you haven’t seen this beautifully crafted story, i encourage you to watch it and pick up the DVD. You might even consider picking up a copy for a friend.

    10/10 Highly Recommended.


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