Does Funimation experience "rush hour" slowdown?

  • Will Funimation stream significantly faster or slower based on how many users are currently accessing the site or a particular series?

    I normally have no issues playing videos through my browser on the website, but today everything seemed broken.

    Yesterday (Thursday, 9/14) I was able to play several episodes of Shakugan No Shana for example, at 1080p without issue. Today however, I've been unable to play anything without severe buffering and pixelation.

    I tested different computers, browsers, series, other streaming sites, my internet speed (steady at around 30mbps), so I began to wonder if the issue was based on the time, since it was Friday around 9pm.

  • We don't typically, but it could be an issue with our CDN. Could you please go to and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page?

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