Gamers! Episode 8 Delayed


    "The new episode of Gamers! is delayed today but we’re working with our partners in Japan to have this episode up for you as soon as possible"

  • I needz me Episode *8 of "Gamers!"...

  • @thegrandalliance Be happy that we got a notification on the forum, where it's readily accessible without worrying about being buried in a social media feed. It will happen, but at least we now know that it won't be at the regularly scheduled time.

    @JayHairston I, for one, am thrilled that this announcement was made to an accessible location, and believe it's a HUGE improvement to Funimation customer support.

  • @pleco_breeder

    Yea, I know. Plus, he sent it on the Discord server, as well. Even @ me.

    All thanks to me bitching non-stop, no doubt. "Progress" :)

    In either case, my post above wasn't directed at Jay; rather FUN-ingeneral, of course...

    You Should Be *Producing...

  • i want it :(

  • you know what yes I love gamers but I love this improvement in communication even more. Bad news but delivered in a way where I end up feeling happy. My inner otaku self smiles

  • I agree with the other posts getting the news here was really nice and I'm happy to see you guys actually listen to customer feedback. I feel as though the forums have a purpose now.

  • Lol I feel real stupid now, I only JUST sent an email to funimation support asking why exactly this issue is the case when I could've just checked forums instead xD well whatever at least we were given a heads up. Truth be told I'd be royally ticked off if it were In Another World with My Smartphone instead but so far that isn't a problem, so YEAH can't wait for episode 8 of Gamers! to be released this will be a difficult, but manageable wait for me.

  • I love this improvement in communication

    Same here. Discord works too, as I'll probably never see a reason to join any other form of "social media".

  • I have to say I was concerned when the idea came up for the discord channel. I joined twitter just to keep up with cancellations and announcements, but quickly got tired of digging through countless junk posts stating this show is up or sales pitches for shows I had no interest in just to find relevant announcements. The spam posts to my email directly from twitter saying "such-and-such anime personality just posted what they had for dinner" also left a bad aftertaste.

    I decided immediately I wouldn't be joining the discord channel because of the "junk", and assumed I'd have to continue being left in the dark as to what is actually happening because of it. That is my reasoning for being so thrilled that the request for forum posting, where info will always be available just by checking for new posts, was actually listened to.

  • You can watch it for free on Crunchyroll now for free (subbed) now , so what's the malfunction ? Did their PZN network get hacked again ?

  • good news. ep 8 gets uploaded tonight at 9pm CST

  • This post is deleted!

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