Xenogears, Xenosaga, Xenoblade, etc.Discussion Thread

  • This thread talks about Xenogears from 1997, Xenosaga from 2001 or 2002, and Xenoblade Chronicles. You can discuss favorite boss battles, favorite scenes, and so on an so forth.

  • i have this game on ps2 and i beat it in like 1 to 2 months but i loved it ive had all the expansions to it also but i did not like the Wiii but if they come out with one for ps3 or pc ill get it

  • I have all of the games, but I haven't got into Xenogears or Xenosaga yet. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to enjoy their stories. I did enjoy playing Xenoblade Chronicles a lot. I can't wait to purchase the New 3DS version and the new Xenoblade Chronicles X game for the Wii U.

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