Broken shows

  • There is one called Omamori Himari that only has 2 episodes up. There are 12 in total. Why haven't the other ones been posted? Should we just get used to Funimation posting shows like this? If so i'll probably unsubscribe.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Unfortunately, they only have the streaming rights to the first 2 episodes of Omamori Himari. The rest of the show is available on home video.

    This show is one of the exceptions to the rule, however. The vast majority of shows that they license will eventually be made available in full on the website. For most newly dubbed shows, they release the first two episodes about 6 weeks before the home video release, and the rest of the episodes the day of.

  • That's strange.. Why can't they get the rights to the other episodes? Doesn't really make sense to be honest.

  • Well,they probably arent trying. They have stopped uploading subbed shows ever since their partnership with CR. We can probably expect the show on CR at a later date

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