• Not too long ago, i highlighted the story of a Google employee who was fired due to an opposing viewpoint. Recently, Sportscaster Jemele Hill expressed an opinion that ran contrary to the values of ESPN, yet, she was not fired. Whereas Google made a colossal blunder, i believe ESPN made the right decision. Once again, i don’t believe you necessarily take away someone’s livelihood just for a difference of opinion even if it isn’t the most tactful. It’s funny. ESPN did exactly what i recommended should be the correct course of action in situations such as these as i outline here i.e., verbal warning. My only hope is that this continues to hold. Hopefully, people will not get riled up and start in with “boycotts” causing their ratings to fall giving higher propensity to let Ms. Hill go. We are watching you, ESPN. Do not make the same mistake Google made.

    Don’t let anyone fool you. The US has had the success it has due to diversity of thought and opinion. Once that is lost, so goes the Country.

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  • I personally, agree with most of what you're saying. Though, I can (kind of) understand why Google made the decision they did. Some people don't distinguish the difference between the companies thoughts, and the thoughts of their employees. By letting that staff member go, Google clearly separates themselves from that (potentially) vocal employee, and from that position can put a firm stance against/for/remain neutral on other views.
    Whereas the way ESPN handled it, is (in my opinion) better. Though it could look like that staff member got off scot-free; OR on the other hand the staff member could cause a huge debate/argument via social media with the defence of them being "silenced by their employer". In the latter case ESPN could be blamed for threatening freedom of speech.

    Still if you don't want to support Google, I cannot recommend DuckDuckGo enough. They're a search engine that doesn't collect data on their users, and in my experience better than most (if not all) search engines like it. Though Google's algorithm is still on top.

  • Hopefully, people will not get riled up and start in with “boycotts” causing their ratings to fall giving higher propensity to let Ms. Hill go.

    Boycott one of the biggest networks on TV? I wouldn't boycott them for terminating someone's career, I'd boycott them for taking 25% of my cable bill no matter if I watch it or not.

    And political views are different from discriminatory views. I could call Trump a White Supremacist and no one will care, but if I said "women definitely should be making less than me because they will never work as hard as me" then we have some problems.

    I generally don't like political talk because it doesn't go anywhere, everyone already has their stance and its not likely to change.

  • @darthrutsula40 said in Comparison.:

    I could call Trump a White Supremacist and no one will care,

    you seem to be forgetting the kind of person Trump is because he certainly seems to care.

  • Seems as though our friend Ms. Hill is in the news yet again…‘second-violation’-of-company’s-social-media-policy/ar-AAtbMmQ?OCID=ansmsnnews11

    Seems like she is calling for the undercutting of sponsors for the Cowboys after owner Jerry Jones said that anyone kneeling during the Anthem would be benched. (sighs) I’m questioning now, whether this kind of speech crosses the line into mal-intent. Fine, if she expresses a not necessarily mainstream opinion, whatever. But, now, actively advocating for the stripping away of advertisers - - could lead to economic harm, especially with the weight of audience she has. I find it interesting that ESPN seems to still be following exactly what i outlined in the past i.e., verbal warning and now suspension. I think we all know what could be on the horizon next… Reminds me of the old adage, “Know when to hold em’, know when to fold em’…”

    Not for nothing, but the way she seems to be so politically minded, perhaps she should quit ESPN and run for Congress to potentially be in a position to have more impact on the discourse without having the possible constraints of ESPN looming overhead. Of course i would like to know where she falls on other issues, however, voting for someone who is very smart and clearly takes the time to be aware of the day-to-day events is someone who i would not have a problem voting for. We will see what happens…


  • @P.J. I hate that forced subservience that is everywhere. I always hated standing for the pledge of allegiance in school, I never liked saying it EVERY DAY. Its practically praying to the government. "I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America, where I will blindly follow what I'm told, with no questions asked, maybe with liberty, and justice for no one."

    Our national anthem sucks as an anthem anyway.

    I hate the subservience and wish I was just as vocal about it during the process rather than after the fact. We're taught to stand out after we were taught to be with everyone else. So what do we do? Mutually agree that we should stand out but until someone else does it first. Its like turning in a test before everyone else, you question if you miss anything or that you did it too fast its always such a stomach dropping experience.

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