Fairy Tail Part 9 Trailer

  • The new trailer is out. Can anyone make out the VA for the new guy at the start?

    ! The "new guy" being Zeref, in case you're caught up.

  • I actually thought Josh Grelle was talking at the start. Then I see people saying Joel McDonald on the YouTube comments wall. They sound almost alike.

  • Well, Grelle is already Hughes, so it's unlikely he'd be voicing Zeref as well. I'm also assuming it's Joel McDonald

  • People are assuming it's Joel McDonald, even though the character is in episode 96? Was he credited as an Additional Voice or something? I don't have an Elite Subscription and I used up my trial, so I can't check for myself.

    EDIT: Never mind, he confirmed it on his Twitter. But as long as we're on the subject of dubs and Elite Subscriptions, are there any new voice actors confirmed? Like the Exceed queen?

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