Freespace 2: One of the greatest PC games ever

  • A while back when I was browsing I came across a space combat game called Freespace 2, which I had heard about in magazines but never actually played it. After paying the relatively cheap price for the game and installing it I was blown away.

    Freespace 2 is quite possibly one of the greatest PC games created, mostly because the community has been SO active for it in the past few years. Volition handed over the source code to some guys and they created an open source addon that adds new effects and textures to the game along with capability for more missions and total conversions…not to mention a full port of the first Freespace.

    Has anyone else played FS2? I'd highly recommend it, it's really cheap and very much worth playing, especially because you get so much game out of it with the new addons.

    Bonus fancy screenshot:

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