Rotate screen in landscape mode on iOS

  • I would like the option of using landscape mode on either side of the iPhone. So when I turn left or right I'm able to view the movie I watching in the funimation app on either side

  • So basically, you want to be able to turn the iphone 180 degrees around while you're watching a video in landscape, and the screen flips around? Sure, I can ask if we can add that. Can you give me an example of when this would be convenient? It helps when I pitch the feature to the higher ups.

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    I don't use the phone much but imagine the video play in no VS. yes and as you can see the yes mode is better with a phone! I turn my phone to yes mode when watching videos all the time! @Sophie I think what OP is talking about?

    alt text

    More room to read subtitles and to have a better picture I'd say!

  • @fatman123 No, I don't think so. Currently, our mobile app video player does do landscape mode. In fact, the player only appears in landscape mode.

    Let's let the OP confirm their request.

  • @Sophie Do I have to sign in? I never used my cell phone to watch but to test I went to and started to watch one piece and I can't turn my phone so to take up the hole or more of my phone to watch! I'm stuck having to keep my phone straight up and not able to turn so to have a full screen to watch! I turn my phone and the app doesn't adjust to my screen like other sites do? I go on youtube and it auto goes to landscape mode on my phone and takes up the hole screen my last observation on this.

  • @fatman123 Let's keep this thread on the topic of the suggestion and allow the OP to confirm their request.

    The video player works in both portrait mode and landscape mode for me on the mobile site. I tested while logged in and while logged out on an iPhone. If you'd like to report an issue with the mobile version of the website, please submit a ticket at

  • While this is for ios , the latest update on android borked this feature Sophie . I did send a support ticket in . You no longer have landscape support in the menus , just playback .

  • @sirbiscuit Could you please elaborate? I really want to keep this thread on topic, but I also want to make sure that I understand this issue.

    Are you saying that you can't bring up the video player menu while playing a video on Android?

    @someduude Could you please confirm if I have your request correct? You want to be able to watch videos on your phone in landscape when your phone is turned left or right?

    Like this?

    0_1505748484982_phone rotate.png

  • @Sophie I can watch the video in landscape , I just cannot view the menus in landscape anymore . Knew I should of kept the auto - update off on my tablet ... Anyhow , I got an reply from "support" (I use that term loosely right now) . They act like it was never a feature to start with & that it couldn't be changed back ! It's much easier in the tablet to look at the menus in landscape mode as before . You could even rotate the tablet into portrait if you wanted , but not now ... sorry for derailing the topic Sophie .

  • @sirbiscuit No worries. ^_^ Do you mean the navigation menu or the player menu?

    I'll be looking into intended functionality on the mobile/tablet apps to see what's what. I wasn't involved with the requirements on that one, so unfortunately, I'm not as close to that app as I am to PS4.

  • @Sophie Both . The only time it will go into landscape mode is when the video actually starts to play .

  • @sirbiscuit On mobile, that is intended. Landscape mode is only available in the player. Portrait mode is only available outside of the player. On tablet, (I think, but would need to verify) landscape mode is available from inside and outside of the player, while portrait mode is not available.

    If you'd like a landscape view on the mobile app outside of the player, please create a new thread here in the Suggestions Box subforum.

  • @Sophie Not so much as a like , but the feature was there & removed . I'll start a new thread (gripe :) ) there . Thanks .

  • @sirbiscuit Thank you!!

  • I would like the 180 degree flip capability as well. A real world example of how this is benifical is whenever I am streaming from the mobile app it eats up a lot of battery so I usually have to have it on the charger. Where my charger is located and how the landscape positions my charging port are opposite of each other bending the connections cable at point or charging or forcing me to hold the phone in a awkward position to avoid stress on the cable.
    This issue comes up more than you would think. Especially if binge watching a show.

  • @maxavon Oh, I totally believe you on the frequency of the need. I charge my phone while watching anime in bed and run into this.

    Also, thank you for "180 degree flip".

  • When do you plan on adding this feature?

  • @Sophie when do you plan on adding this feature

  • No ETA. I can only tell you that it has been approved to be added.

  • Will this also be updated for Android tablet apps

  • When I use my tablet to watch episodes I use my case as a stand and when I stand it up and Landscape the screen is upside down on FUNimation but not other video apps

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