OMG Funimation rules!!

  • I been wanting to watch this now for some time and IDK why i never bothered to look until now and it's on here YES!!! I hope this movie is as good as it looks THE BOY AND THE BEAST?!!!

  • Wow right when I try to watch it I'm hit with Sorry, but this video is not available ha ha ha buzz kill me so anyone know why it's not up to watch?

  • So when looking it has a play button on it but won't play? Attack on titan movie shows but is missing the movie and the play button on it so it's not up on the app yet plus I asked about that yet on the boy and the beast shows the movie and a icon to play it, click on it and the sorry, but this video is not available. If you are unable to view feel free to contact us at, or ask us a question on this forum so sorry to nag @sophie like really? Click bait now i'm in a buzz kill mode and am going to go crash early tonight sad that the app baited me into disappointment like it did!

  • @fatman123 Ah, I see what happened CW is displaying a video that isn't live yet.

    Thank you for reporting.

    It looks like you will be able to watch the dub on 9/26.

  • @Sophie You asked what JW was and told you so would you now be so kind to tell me what CW is?

  • @Sophie So just got to looking at the boy and the beast and why does it have 10 clips 2-3 minutes and then 7 interview clips 1-2.5 minutes long and one trailer but no way to play the movie? Sucks..... 9/26 of what year?

  • Funimation doesn't have the streaming rights for it. They rarely get the streaming rights to movies.

  • @fatman123 CW = Continue Watching

    I was just going by the launch date set for it in the CMS at the time. Looks like it was changed to a far future date and will not be launching for streaming on the site. I apologize for getting your hopes up.

  • @Sophie Just looked and it's up yes thanks for the fun night ahead of me now ya plus thanks to Funimation for letting me watch and enjoy this film in English and for that THANKS!

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