Please help Sentai Filmworks recover from Hurricane Harvey

  • I apologize if this is considered inappropriate to post here.

    This is a gofundme page created by Sentai Filmworks to support the losses of their employees and their families as the result of Hurricane Harvey.

    If you still have some money to spare after Funimation's own donation drive, please consider lending a hand to these other good people within the anime community. Thank you.

  • I'm pretty sure this constitutes a third-party solicitation and "offends" FUNimation's Terms of Service. Perhaps @SpacemanHardy should take appropriate action? By the way, what has Sentai ever done for me except provide access to exceptional anime like K-ON! (which i love) and of which i wish FUNimation would get on board with? It's amazing to me these days; everyone seems to have these [word removed, let's keep it civil] "go fund me" pages. I say, fund yourself!


  • @P.J. said in Please help Sentai Filmworks recover from Hurricane Harvey:

    "go fund me" pages. I say, fund yourself!

    The point of Go Fund Me is when it's not possible to do that. I fail to see how this is any different from physical fund raising. If you buy cookies from the Girl Guides that come to your door sure you get something for it but you'd probably save a dollar or two if next time you're at the grocery store you pick up a pack of Oreos.

    Speaking of the grocery store almost every time I go through check out I hear "would you like to donate $1 to _" and there's a donation box for some other charity sitting near the desk. Sometimes I'll donate to one depending on how money is at that moment but I get absolutely nothing no matter how much I give them.

    If you don't want to donate to them that's fine and your right but how is it a problem they're trying to help their staff and not saying "your house was destroyed in the hurricane you had no control over? That sucks. See you Monday!"

  • @P-J There's also the realization that this is not the first, nor will it probably be the last, "third party solicitation" on this forum. If you wanted to stretch it, any mention of a charity, including the recent Funimation drive, would be third party. If you don't want to attempt stretching the definition, the recent Kickstarter thread for dubbing an anime produced by another company would definitely qualify. If an even more authoritarian view of the clause were taken, any mention of a company other than Funimation could be viewed as advertising a competitor, and be grounds for alarm.

    I for one am glad to see that a semi-blind eye is allowed to exist on this forum, and common sense is viewed as the rule rather than the exception.

  • I'll mention this to Jay and Sophie, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with it. This fundraiser isn't being done for profit, but rather for charity, to help their employees get back on their feet. It's not like the big wigs at Sentai are planning on using the money for their own deeds.

  • As this is technically a promotion, it belongs in the Petitions & Promotions forum.

  • Calm down, calm down! Don’t get your knickers in a knot...

    Notice how i contradict myself where i’m putting Sentai down, yet, praise the anime they produce. My dry/ dark humor can also be evidenced here. I myself own K-ON! + Movie, Tamako Market, Nyan Koi, among others from Sentai. I have been very impressed with their work through the years. Thank you Mr. Ledford and Ms. Williams not to mention awesome voice talent from Cassandra Lee, Stephanie Sheh, and Tony Oliver. I wish FUNimation could somehow partner with Sentai. Anyway, when i get paid this Friday, i will do my best to support the campaign despite the paltry earnings i make (laughs) ;-)

    Thank you Farph, for providing the information.

    All the best,

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