Where is the movie filter

  • Why did you guys make this so hard? Before if I wanted to find either a movie for a show, or just look through what stand alone feature length movies were on the site (like King of Thorn for example) I could just look at movies in particular

    now we don't even have a search filter for them that I can find anywhere and I have to wade through the entire catalogue

    Its ridiculous

    If there is an option on this site you sure as hell went out of your way to make it hard to find

  • Funimation doesn't even have streaming rights for most movies. Most that are listed are an info page and/or the shop page.

  • @Neco You're right, that functionality does not exist on this site.

    Search does include a video type filter, but that seems to be broken as not even searching for "Movie" yields video type movie results where "Movie" is in the video title. The filter option still only says "episode". ๐Ÿ˜‘ Search will be getting an overhaul and will include a video type filter, but that would still only filter search results and would not give you just a list of all the movies.

    We could add Video Type to the All Shows page, but that would only give you Shows that include at least one movie. This would list the single video movie shows, like King of Thorn and Akira, but it would also list shows like Dragon Ball and Fairy Tail. Would that work or are you looking more for what the previous site had - a raw list of all videos that are type Movie that can be filtered and sorted?

  • @Sophie I've brought this up before, but maybe it's time to add a few more categories to the "Genres" selection. A dedicated section specifically for Movies (alongside Sports and Music/Idols) might help solve the problem.

  • @SpacemanHardy Changing the Genres list is tougher than you might think. My power of influence is limited there. Plus, movies aren't a genre. However, a dedicated section or just the previous raw list of videos we had on the old site might be possible

  • @Sophie

    I don't mind if series based movies (Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail, Full Metal, et al) are included in such a list.
    Although ideally there should be a way to filter those out / down or something like that.

    It would be great to return a list of all movies on the site, and then have filters for "OVA" (standalones like Akira, King of Thorn etc) and "Show Based" for things that relate to a series.

    However having it list both together is still better than not listing them at all

  • @Sophie live action isn't a genre either but it's listed on the genres page so I don't think movies would be out of place.

  • @Doublethree100 Very true, but that's still not a reason to include "Movies" as a genre, especially when that too would not give @Neco what they're looking for. The Movie genre would still end up being a list of Shows and would still include Shows that have more than just movies. Plus, like I said, it is difficult to make changes to that list as its content is not controlled by Tech.

    @Neco Yeah, I can shoot for a raw list of individual videos as the ideal, which would allow you to filter down to video type, language, etc., but to add an entire section of the site would take more lobbying, so I think a Phase 1 of this would be to first add a Video Type filter to the All Shows page. The list of Shows would still include the Dragon Balls, but would also include the Shows that are just single movies, like Akira or Shinobi. I have more influence over how the All Shows page works than I do over what the individual genres are.

  • Can you give us a way to contact (I don't mean generic feedback form that will just be ignored) someone who does have such influence

    From a customer standpoint, this is kind of atrocious. This is basic search functionality that pretty much all streaming sites should have.

  • @Neco You already have because you've gotten to me. I am the one that can lobby to make this happen. I'm a BA, and it's my job. I just also happen to admin the forum.

    We are already working on overhauling Search, which is partially happening because a user was unable to easily find products for it, and I told the guy in charge that it even took me 5 separate attempts, as a power user of the site, to find the Dragon Ball Resurrection of 'F' Product Detail.

    I should be able to get a Video Type filter on the All Shows page and the Genre pages. I will be asking for the raw video list, but adding another section is a tougher sell than adding new functionality to an existing page.

    Adding a Movie Genre isn't really a good solution because it will result in literally the same list of items as All Shows filtered to Movie Video Type.

  • Even if a Movie genre is out of the question, I'm still going to continue to lobby endlessly for Sports and Music/Idols sections.

    Let me dream, dammit. >:\

  • @SpacemanHardy I have heard rumors that the genre list is going to be redone, but I think that it will only be changing the genres of some of the Shows. Like some of the ones we have under Fantasy aren't really fantasy.

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