Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  • Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Labor Day weekend from everyone here at Funimation HQ! (^__^)

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    Anyone doing anything awesome? Or just binge watching anime? (Which is also awesome.)

  • Just make sure that you buy all your booze for the weekend either today or tomorrow, because the liquor stores will all be closed.

    I still have a hard time believing that you can buy wine at a 7-Eleven on a Sunday in Dallas.

  • I have work 2 of the 3 days...

  • We can't buy alcohol in stores other than liquor stores here in Canada (Ontario might allow it, I am not really sure). But, many are open on Sunday and some holidays. So, that's something I guess. If I really cared about drinking, which I don't.

  • For once I'm actually off for Labor Day.

  • @korrailli BC recently changed laws so grocery stores could apply for permits. I think it needs to be in a special area minors can't even get in to. Not sure why since minors can enter liquor stores they just can't buy anything. I can't think of any places other than liquor stores that actually sell it though.

    Either way most grocery stores seem to be near a liquor store and the liquor stores have been advertising they're open Sundays and most holidays (I know the one closest to my house is open Monday) so no real problem here either.

  • I'm off every Monday so I guess by default I will get any Monday based holidays off. I like working weekends though (fun fact, you can do a lot more when everyone is working (ie weekdays) than when everyone is off the same two days a week (aka a weekend)).

  • I'm working because the data never stops! But I get time and a half and a floating holiday, so it's all good

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