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    It almost been a year and they said they'll be dubbing it this year. :( After last year and such, what's taking them so long? I want to get it for my collection of the Ace Attorney series so badly... :( You know? Yeah.

  • @tmdrago said in Dubbing the Ace Attorney Anime series...:

    It almost been a year and they said they'll be dubbing it this year.

    Was this ever announced? A quick Google search for "ace attorney anime dub" only brings one news post which is literally just

    The new Ace Attorney anime has currently been airing over on Crunchyroll with English subtitles, but fans can expect to see the show dubbed in English in the future.

    All this is to thanks to a recent partnership between Funimation and Crunchyroll, though a specific timeframe of when the English dub will become available has not yet been announced.

    With no source. It'll probably happen eventually but there's no indication of when as far as I know.

  • It's in the CR Titles that will eventually be dubbed Category this seasons was New Game, and last seasons was Brave Witches , the next couple in the pipe are more than Likely (Due to popularity) Konosuba, Re: Zero, and maybe Schwarzes Marken Ace Attorney should be in that group as well. but whether it will suddenly show up dubbed in the release schedule Like Testament of Sister New Devil , Hybrid Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia, & Myriad Colors Phantom World, We shall see.

  • @Doublethree100 It's hard to wait to know who plays who. Still, I hope Sam Riegel plays as Phoenix Wright and Kyle Hebert plays as Miles Edgeworth. And for the others? Hope they'll be good roles for them to playing the the characters.

  • @Series5Ranger So much to be going on to know what's what, huh? Here's what I think on who should play as who. Again, I know it's FUNimation to dubbed it, only for Sam Riegel and Kyle Hebert plays their roles, is fine. The rest, any luck or someone playing the role better is still fine by me. You know?

    The Main Characters:

    Sam Riegel - Phoenix Wright 'Luci Christian - young one'
    Kyle Hebert - Miles Edgeworth 'Megan Vander Pluym - young one'
    Alexis Tipton - Maya Fey
    Stephanie Young Voice Actress - Mia Fey
    Christopher Sabat - Detective Dick Gumshoe
    Josh Grelle - Larry Butz 'Alison Viktorin - young one'
    Grant James - The Judge
    Lauren Landa - Franziska von Karma 'and young one'
    Monica Rial - Pearl Fey
    Vic Mignogna - Winston Payne

    The First Turnabout:

    Christopher Ayres - Frank Sahwit

    Turnabout Sisters:

    Christopher Smith - Redd White
    Jamie Marchi - April May
    Kent Williams - Marvin Grossberg

    Turnabout Samurai:

    Travis Willingham - Will Powers
    Juli Erickson - Wendy Oldbag
    Colleen Clinkenbeard - Cody Hackins
    Laura Bailey - Dee Vasquez
    Micah Solusod - Sal Manella
    Mchael McFarland - Jack Hammer

    Turnabout Goodbyes:

    J. Michael Tatum - Manfred von Karma
    Brina Palencia - Lotta Hart
    Lydia Mackay - Misty Fey
    Todd Haberkorn - Gregory Edgeworth
    Robert McCollum - Yanni Yugi
    Joel McDonald - Robert Hammond

    Reunion, and Turnabout:

    Eric Vale - Turner Grey
    Leah Clark - Ini Miney and Mimi Miney
    Cynthia Cranz - Morgan Fey

    Turnabout Big Top:

    Ian Sinclair - Maximillion Galactica (Billy Bob Johns)
    Tia Ballard - Regina Berry
    R. Bruce Elliott - Russell Berry
    Patrick Seitz - Benjamin Woodman & Trilo Quist
    Chuck Hüber - Moe (Lawrence Curls)
    Newton Pittman - Acro (Ken Dingling)
    Greg Ayres - Bat (Sean Dingling)

    Farewell, My Turnabout:

    Jerry Jewell - Matt Engarde
    David Wald - Juan Corrida
    Cherami Leigh - Adrian Andrews
    Rick Keeling - Shelly De Killer

  • A partial cast list has been released, and it turns out that it's going to be an in-house dub directed by Kyle Jones and starring Eric Vale as Phoenix Wright.

    More details here:


  • @SpacemanHardy Aw nuts. I was hoping they'd bring the cast from the games to voice at least the major characters.

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