Season 3, uncut or not?

  • I've just noticed that season three is finally is finally offering an uncut option...but the censorship is still in place? Is there some kind of fault? has the option come up in error or is there something preventing it playing properly?

  • @desposy u can get the Blu-Ray version for that purpose

  • I'm not 100% but I believe that there's an option when you're changing things like language settings before where it'll give you a choice between the Simulcast Broadcast Version, which is the censored dub version as it was Simuldubbed, and the Uncut Version, which is the uncensored dub version. I'm just making an assumption that there's probably an option. If anyone else wants to confirm for sure be my guest.

  • Not sure if the version selector is working in the player right now to switch to Uncut, so it's best to start from Show Detail video list.

    Go to

    Filter the Show Detail video list to Uncut and then select a video from the list. The Uncut version should play. You can confirm the version that is playing in the video player playlist.

    I just tested this with Episode 25, the first episode of Season 3, and there was no boob censorship.

    Later, we will be adding language and version metadata to the information that displays in the upper left corner of the player.

  • Just tried that doesn't matter what I option select, or where I select it, I get only the simildub on the pc. If I go to my PS4 the uncut option doesn't show, is this becuase i'm getting region locked in the uk?

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