Funimation Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

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    The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is enormous and continues to impact people across the Gulf. Funimation is based in Texas, and here we are witnessing neighbors helping neighbors in heroic acts of bravery — we want to help.

    We don’t know when the storm will let up, but we do know that right now people are without basic needs. Some have lost everything and people will be affected for years to come.

    Funimation is donating $10,000 towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We will also match the first $25,000 raised through this campaign.Contributing at any level matters. Funds will immediately help the organizations and the people on the ground.

    Join us in helping Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and donate here:

    "If you're not in a position to donate, help us spread the word by liking and sharing the campaign! " Thank you! - Jay

  • I know we at Dubtalk have been trying to retweet all we can. Texas is a lovely place and has lovely people and is the home for not only Funimation staff and actors but Roosterteeth, TFS, Sentai, Hidive, Screwattack and many others. I know when I get paid I'll be donating to the cause. I hope you guys make it to have to match 25,000 dollars.

    Is there anyway we can also send physical items too?

  • @Queenira so true!

    Here is a list of available Multi-Service Centers you could contact to see if physical goods are needed!

    Thank you for your support!

    Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center
    6402 Market Street
    Houston Texas 77020

    Fifth Ward Multi-Service Center
    4014 Market Street
    Houston, Texas 77020

    Sunnyside Multi-Service Center
    9314 Cullen
    Houston, Texas 77051

    Third Ward Multi-Service Center
    3611 Ennis Street
    Houston, Texas 77004

    West End Multi-Service Center
    170 Heights Blvd
    Houston, Texas 77007

    John Peavy Senior Center
    3814 Market Street
    Houston, Texas 77020

    Kashmere Gardens Branch Library
    5411 Pardee
    Houston, Texas 77026


    Here is the contact information for all local food banks:

    Houston Food Bank

    Galveston Food Bank

    Food Bank of the Golden Crescent (Victoria)
    Closed Friday

    Corpus Christi Food Bank

    Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont)

    Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley (Pharr)

    Brazos Valley Food Bank (Bryan)

    Central Texas Food Bank (Austin)

    San Antonio Food Bank

  • Empty out your change purses people. Smash open your piggy banks if you have to.

  • I live in Florence, Mississippi so I can't do anything but hope that the storm doesn't come here

  • @Zethus I hope you all stay safe if it does

  • We're supposed to get a little bit of Harvey's after effects later today. They've already put up a flash flood warning in Memphis for tonight and tomorrow. <_>

  • This is for a good cause. If you figure the AVERAGE DVD is $25 you can simply make a $25 donation to support relief efforts. Thank you to Funimation for stepping up and allowing our community to have an easy way to help others.

  • Well $38,000+ was raised so far, plus $35,000 on behalf of Funi. $73,000 total. I'm glad they put the word out.

    alt text

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