Round Table Featuring Nino: April.

  • I had my eye on this one: 0_1503992006501_RoundTable.JPG
    for some time and recently secured it from the trusted seller i deal with in Japan. I have to say, since Victor Media went on the “war path” (so to speak) to remove vids on YouTube, it is very difficult to access Nino’s music anymore. So aggravating, i finally decided to purchase the CD outright. I mean i guess i understand the reasoning for what they do, however, in many cases, had it not been for YouTube, i wouldn’t have known about some of these artists. Nino has such a smooth sound, about the only other group i know with a comparable smooth sound is Sotaisei Riron. Some of my favorite tracks from April include: Let Me Be With You (from beloved Chobits), Dancin’ All Night, Beautiful, Where Is Love (could picture Sade in that groove), In April (namesake of CD), not to mention the essential “New World”, one of the CHIEF reasons i purchased this CD. I remember as a kid staying up to like 4AM to watch .hack legend of the twilight bracelet on CN where i was first exposed to that song as well as many other “concepts” that i think “grew us all up” a little bit if i can say that. (laughs) I remember thinking, i have to secure that music one of these days. I also liked the ending music to that show: Emerald Green by See-Saw. There was just something other-worldly about it. It was music to transport you to a different state of consciousness, if that makes sense. I have to say, that anime had an indelible impact on me to the place where i am hesitant to even get involved with these VR headsets for fear of being trapped in an alternate reality. (laughs) There is a game coming out soon enough, and, i will probably make a dedicated thread about that closer to the release.

    Concluding, Round Table’s April is an awesome CD that would elevate even the most distinguished connoisseur’s collection. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.


  • Secured another one from Round Table:

    0_1517137079299_Memories Round Table.jpg

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