Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor Mcgregor in a Boxing Match Discussions and Predictions Thread!

  • So for any anime fan that care about this money making "dream fight" It time to Discussions and Predict who will win and why?

  • I Predicting Floyd Mayweather WILL WIN b/c it a boxing match which that what he used to. If this was an MMA fight I would go with Conor Mcgregor. But it a boxing match so to me Conor Mcgregor is not used to just boxing with punches where on the other hand Floyd Mayweather is used to boxing so I believe we will be getting Floyd Mayweather as 50-0.

  • Watched the fight, turned out as I expected. The world's greatest boxer vs someone who is really good at boxing.

    Letting Connor tire himself out was the perfect strategy as he lost gas right around the time an MMA fight would draw to a close.

    Respect to Connor though for landing so many punches and refraining from suplexing Mayweather.

    You are correct Gohan, it would be a very short fight in the octagon.

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