Dal Segno.

  • From the publisher: "Happiness. Paradise. Words that mean as many different things as there are people in this earth. What does happiness mean to you? What shape does your paradise take?"

    Well, i promised a dedicated thread on this, so here it is. This was another offering from publisher MangaGamer on STEAM that i did not want to slip away. I hate the amount of money i have spent on STEAM titles this month, but, this one is overwhelmingly captivating:


    Breathtaking visuals, accompanied by awesome music. Believe it or not, i just purchased the soundtrack from a trusted seller i have been dealing with for years in Japan. I haven’t looked too deeply into the storyline, but, surmise it is your typical school-life centered presentation. I found it interesting that both Princess Evangile with Happiness Edition and Dal Segno deal with the theme of “happiness” and are both under the “masthead” of MangaGamer although different developers. For Dal Segno, developer Circus, really outdid themselves. As far as characters are concerned, Io Kouzuki strikes me as the “Kobato” type. Insofar as navigation, the menus are cleanly presented which is a welcome sight. The price point is a bit high, however, as you can see from the screenshot, the quality is there. Maybe try to capitalize off of a STEAM promotion if there is one.


    P.S.- Would love to see this on the PS4 and Vita.

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