Xbox App Update Feedback

  • Hello there,

    Here are my first impressions on the new Xbox App:


    • Video quality and language customization, nice feature.
    • Visual clarity has improved, practically looks indistinguishable from a blu-ray.
    • New controller shortcuts are handy.
    • Descriptions per series (as opposed to merely a thumbnail) are a nice touch.
    • The overall aesthetic closely resembles the main website, which is pretty.


    • New navigation screen for "all shows" defaults to newest added. Organizing alphabetically seems like a more practical default, though the option to do so is fairly cryptic to locate.
    • The old app displayed (I believe it was 9?) titles per screen. The new app only 4. This makes navigation slower, particularly for mid-alphabet titles.
    • The cool little "whoosh" sound effect when switching screens is gone :(
    • The old app had a "recently watched" pane, which was quite useful for keeping up with your recent interests. It looks like this pane is missing in the new version.
    • Despite setting the video quality to highest, playback will still pixelate and drop to lower resolutions, seemingly at random. Sometimes from shot to shot. Seems counter intuitive that the video quality is still being adjusted automatically, despite providing the option to set it manually.
    • Overall the new app seems to run/load slower, and less reliably than the old one. Just a day-one test though.

    Thank you for your efforts Funimation code monkies, they are appreciated. I'll report back with updates if I see changes in performance.

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