• Funimation suck right i cannot login in my account on my xbox one i do not no what's going on they need to fix it before xbox will drop them if thry do not fix this problem

  • Yeah theirs been complaints about the Xbox app now. That was last best funimation app before update. I didn't want check app til now. It saying I'm not entering valid email when my email is active. So funimation would you please put the app back to what it was.

  • Hi guys, I believe @Sophie mentioned something about the B button cancelling out the information input screen leading to the invalid credentials prompt. I will see what I can find and get back to you shortly. Be sure you are hitting the correct command to move forward once your information has been entered.

    Thanks for being patient!

  • Also having issues playing newest episodes. Says "sorry, but this video is not available." Then prompts me to go to the help forums.

  • Yes, mine is also saying Video is not available to the new episodes.

  • I'm only seeing this issue with episode 5 of Gamers!

  • @deathforge666 yeah me too, I can't watch episode 5 either ):

  • yeah it sucks i have been waiting for it to be here all week lol and now its just teasing me not cool

  • Yep, that is the same show I am trying to watch. Hope it get resolved cause was waiting all week for it too lol

  • I guess I'm not the only one having issues with the new App, for me on XBox One. Looks like Gamers! and especially The Reflection are available now!

    Soap Box On

    I have been frustrated with the old app as well. But I would like to ask everyone to be patient because, based on my observation, Funimation is still as small company and they are going through some major growing pains as they expand. I am very, very thankful that they have partnered with Crunchyroll and others to get the funding and resources to bring us more fun! Please note I am not a Pollyanna but I work for a small company that deals with massive amounts of data as well and it is not easy to keep up with technology on a shoestring budget.

    I hope Funimation thrives since I love the shows and there are not too many anime companies that dub them. I need this since my brain cannot keep up with subtitles. I really think they care, it seems to be growing pains. So I am going to continue to be patient.

    Soap Box Off

    Going to enjoy the new shows now that they fixed the problem. Hope you can access them now too. ;-D

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