Family & Friends Add-On suggestion...

  • I have a suggestion for the "Family & Friends" add-on feature available to subscribers where we can pay an additional $1.99/mo for 3 additional simultaneous streams.

    Specifically, I'm suggesting that there be made a way in which subscriber's individual tastes and preferences are not affected by the preferences of other individuals gaining access to stream.

    If I purchased this subscription add-on, and allowed one of my family members or friends access to my subscription so that they can watch their favorites while I watch mine, what they watch ends up affecting my watch history. Similarly, they can not add a show they're interested in to the queue without affecting my own queue. They will see shows I've been watching and want to watch while being able to modify it to fit their own personal tastes.

    We Should Consider the Individuality of Prospect and Current Customers:
    How so? I'm suggesting that a feature be implemented to this subscription add-on similar to the way Netflix allows for multiple-streams: where each individual streamer can be given their own designated "channel", "profile", or "list" so that they can add what they're interested in to their own designated queue, and what they choose to watch doesn't interfere with or change a main subscriber's own individual watch history.

    Why should this suggestion be considered?
    I believe this feature would not only bring new customers to the Funimation website and store, but also encourage current customers to talk about and share in the fun and enjoyment they have in experiencing their favorite anime through Funimation. In the years I've talked about anime to people who've never considered watching it for themselves, it's inevitable that I'm either asked or tell how or where I watch it. Surprisingly, many of them assume that it's watched illegally through 3rd-party websites, you know, the ones with all the malicious pop-ups and viruses, or late at night on Adult Swim, so it's fun to see them realize that there are safe and genuine ways that they can be introduced to and enjoy anime.
    Unfortunately, many subscribers aren't willing to pay extra for additional streams if that means their queues, history, and preferences are subject to another individual's discretion. Similarly, there are a multitude of prospective newcomers that do not want to give personal information to a website that they aren't sure is providing them with something they're genuinely interested in. This is the bittersweet reality of individuality.

    With a feature that allows the subscriber, and any additional streamers, to watch and rate what they want without affecting the lists and history of each other, there is no question that the audience for anime will expand. It is an inevitability.

    Thank you for all your hard work and time, Funimation team!
    Here's to many more years of anime!
    ~ Ashley Anderson

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