What up with the side story filler episodes that come up from to to time?

  • This is spoilers by the way for English Dub btw. But ever since adult swim started airing one piece onto Toonami and now of course that it's not on to Toonami anymore I watch it on the Funimationnow i've noticed from time to time they do this side story were Luffy is a police officer even though he's dressed up like some Japanese samurai or something like that. If they're going to do random episodes of side stories why don't they just have an entire filler arcs for that? Rather than just do 1 to 2 episodes here and there at the same side story filler thing and interrupting the Canon episodes. Instead of doing one or two episodes per arc of these like filler events why not just do a whole archivist it so you just can't get caught up to the Canon material later on. Dragonball Z used did this all time very excess fully with the Garlic JR. saga as well as the other world tournament saga. Especially we don't know the status of monkey D Lucy now since him and all his friends were basically dog pod away after episode 406. I ask this because I just got finished with episode 407 and I have noticed the side story for a while now though they just do one or two episodes of it here in there and then we'll go back to it later when the Canon episodes are not out or they're taking a mini break.

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