Please put this into consideration

  • Dear Funimation,

    As a long time fan of anime for almost 18 years, I was wondering if you can listen to a fan's small request... Can you guys please release a Hellsing Ultimate Chipboard box to fit all three bluray and DVD combo packs? As a fan of the series, I and many others would appreciate a way to have an exclusive chipboard boxset that has all ten OVAs in it. I believe that the fans would pay for an exclusive chipboard box, no matter the cost! All I ask is for you guys there to put it into consideration. Have a wonderful day and keep doing what you guys are doing:)

    -Dominic Siconolfi
    Anime Fan and Collector

    P.S. Can you guys also put a Drifters collectors edition into consideration too?

  • Thanks for sharing your requests! Have a great week! (^__^)

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